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To those of you who’ve seen my stint as Etcetera’s 1st guest correspondent this season on ETC channel, you’ve probably already seen me in this. To those of you who haven’t, you’re not alone. I’ve been so busy this week I haven’t been able to catch the show myself! I wish we had TiVo here. Anyway, before I digress even further, here’s what I wore to attend and cover YStyle’s 10th anniversary celebration a few weeks back.


It was my first time to cover an event on TV so I wanted to make sure I was dressed appropriately. The attire on the invite said “fun formal”. This was my interpretation of that–formal but young and definitely not stiff. As you can see, I tried my best to stay away from dull colors. Fun to me should be vibrant!


Even when it came down to my accessories, I still had “fun” in mind. Usually, whenever I attend formal events, I choose accessories that are dainty and feminine. Here, I chose modern and edgy accessories like my earrings, strappy heels and bag. My new bag from Rafé is actually my favorite piece in this look. The size, studs and leather are perfect! It makes me even prouder to know that it’s by a world-renowned Filipino designer. I’ve been dying to show it off but I wanted to save it for a special occasion. Finally, here it is!


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SM Accessories earrings


SM Accessories rings


Rafé bag | BCBG dress


Choies heels


Zara blazer

78 Responses to “Fun Formal”
  1. Kim

    Gorgeous! Would love to rock the outfit…sayang lang coz i’m not as tall as you haha :)

  2. Christine Koay

    You look stunning in this BCBG dress, Ms Camille! And the slits is to die for! Sexy yet classy! The studded clutch is really special! The clutch and the heels edge up this look! And will you kill me if I say i want you to take that blazer off too? LOL.. just wondering how you looks like without the blazer.. haha.. =D

  3. Gladys

    Sa susunod na may appearance ka sa kahit anong tv show, itatago ko na ang remote. Pinag-aagawan kasiiii at sa tuwina, talo ako. Haba ng hair ng remote control, pinag-aagawan. >.<

    I love the outfit. I love your bangs. I tried cutting my bangs the Camille Co way, ayun, ayaw ko nang tumingin sa salamin. Sayang yung buhok ko.

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha buti pa ang remote control, maraming nagmamahal! LOL! Don’t worry, it’ll grow back! :)

  4. Yanshi

    SEXY. CHIC. FABULOUS. Love everything about this outfit! The bag, blazer, accessories and shoes made the dress edgy and fun :)) Love it!! You looked amazing!!! <3

  5. Rafe New York

    Camille! I’m over the moon with this blog post and so happy that you love this Rafe “Sarina” clutch! The whole ensemble is perfection!!! Keep them coming! I’d love to see you work this clutch into a day look.
    Thank you!!!

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Rafe! I’ll definitely wear this out during this day! :) It’s so versatile! :)

  6. Philip

    OMG, Camille, you are so incredibly irresistable in that amazing dress ! And I love your Choies heels ! Feminine with a punchy touch ! And the blue nail polish on your toes matches brilliantly with the green dress !
    You are such a godess ! :-)
    Love you !

  7. Natalie Soriano

    i was busy browsing through my phone while etc is on then i heard a familiar voice, the cute tone i heard on tomato’s IG vid, i guessed it was you and i was right! they should always make you a celebrity correspondent! you did great! I love you and your outfit!

  8. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    i saw some snippets of the show!!! you look great! love the green and that bag is uber cool!

  9. Hong

    A really chic & elegant outfit – and as like as you wanted it it looks fun.
    It doesn’t have that usual playfulness with various colors but patterns combined with a strong color! That one single vibrant green dress and black-white striped blazer plus that studded bag make a perfect mix and really look fresh & fun! (:
    Also lovin the details and my favourite piece would be one of those details: your triangled earrings! I really do love them! <3

    much loves,

  10. Colt Nava

    I saw your segment! You did so well *slow clap* I liked your questions and follow-up questions (which is very important, meaning you listened to their replies) great job Camille!

  11. Ren

    Haba naman ng slit! (witwew, haha higher pa yan!) I love how fun and formal your outfit is. The blazer made it formal and the slit made it fun. (haha, may galit lang sa slit?) G-G-G-G-G-LAMOUROUS! (I’m not nambobola here ha and with your “PURPLE GINGER” post too). ;)

  12. Alvonne

    that really is a good interpretation of fun formal, good job Ms. Camille! For me you’re so flawless and pretty *o* those heels rock so much!

  13. nikka acebu

    This is definitely fun and i can see you had fun putting the outfit together, great combination! And the bag… Omg. Love at first sight. Haha. ♥

  14. Karen Pangilinan

    Hi Camille! I’ve watched you in etc.. You were speaking a bit fast.. Was that sort of scripted? Hehe. Or was that your natural rhythm of speech.. Just curious. i also love your bag in this entry.. Edgy :)

    • Camille Co

      I speak really really fast haha! It takes me a lot of effort to speak slowly LOL!

  15. Lourine

    The slit and edginess. Fun formal indeed. I wasn’t able to catch your Etcetera. I hope they have video uploaded in youtube or their site :)

  16. Kay

    Hi Camille,

    Last pic is so Fierce!!! As I said before, you really did a great job on your cover ^^ and I love everything in your outfit! Did you cut the lace of your shoes? I’ve seen long laces (like Kryz’s) of it but not short like yours? Anyways, sa sobrang tuwa ko I took a short video of your YStyle cover! hahaha! nakakagulat kasi na ikaw ang nagiinterview :))

    • Camille Co

      I think we have the same pair but she ties it differently maybe? :) I want to see the video please! :)

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