Purple Ginger


It’s a colorful day! I felt like a walking box of crayons in this outfit. But in the words of Icona Pop, “I don’t care, I LOVE IT!”


I’m sure a lot of you find the print on my top familiar (because you, my dear readers, have eagle eyes). It’s because it’s the same as the print of my dress here. I loved it too much I just had to get the blouse version as well! I actually find this top quite versatile–perfect for both work and play. Which reminds me, a lot of you have been requesting for more corporate wear style posts and since this clearly isn’t one, I’ll just give you a few tips on how to make it more business-appropriate. Just change the shorts to pants or a midi skirt. Piece of cake! If your boss is no grump, then I’m sure he or she would appreciate the happy vibes this outfit brings. But if he/she is a grump, you can still wear this blouse to work by toning it down with neutral colors. Match this blouse with cream suit!


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Purple Ginger top


Chanel earrings


Mango necklace


Zara blazer| SM GTW shorts


Zara heels

92 Responses to “Purple Ginger”
  1. Christine Koay

    This outfits is really on my face, Ms Camille! But in a good way, of course! Love this look! So bright and colourful! Love all the colour combination.. I thought it’s just my imagination when i first saw the top cuz it really look familiar.. Dejavu.. LOL… =D

  2. mikk

    I like the way you dress ♥. Its beautiful, unique and effortless. Just by scrolling at your posts, it gives me more ideas and inspiration to make a set of fashion sketches (I’m an aspiring fashion designer) and I’m thanking you for that. :)

  3. Yanshi

    YELLOOOOWWWWWWW again!! You shine so bright with yellow, really!! hihihi :)) Like what I said, you glow in this color! Love the blazer and that top!! Super fun outfit eeeeeeeeee :)))

  4. maebs

    The mixture of colors looks so vibrant. One of my favorite outfit of yours ate cams . :)

  5. Ajoy

    this week was our proposal defense on our thesis… and i’m looking to an outfit that will suit on our product… i love what you say… “I DONT CARE…I LOVE IT!!!… hahahaha tagline for this week… i dont care what they will say to my outfit as much i carry it… hahahaha!!!! love that!!:)

    • Camille Co

      Haha! :) But that line is not right for a proposal defense LOL! Better please your professor! :)

  6. TysLolakins

    the color combination on that blouse is very versatile as it can be worn in summer, spring and fall, love it!
    i’m sure you’re tired of hearing this but, as always, you look fabulous in any outfit you wear. your eye for fashion is something that we can only dream of.

  7. nikka acebu

    Another favorite. I love it when you experiment on putting up vibrant colors!

  8. Izza

    Hi Ms. Camille. I’ve watched your video in KL with your blogger besties. You guys are so cute. haha… You’ve got some killer dance moves. :D

  9. Reena

    Lakas maka goodvibes!!! Thanks for these posts… It’s my first day of work for my new job tomorrow and I just found my “outfitspiration”! ^^

  10. janna

    Hello Camille! I need your help. Where can I buy a white dress like aGreek goddess outfit ? I need your quick reply.

  11. ricahmae

    when you feel to be colorful and happy you usually wear yellow and it suits you well :) btw the quality of the photo here is awesome what dlsr do you use?

  12. Abby

    I forever love your style and beautiful face! :) If I may ask, what facial wash and moisturizer do use?

  13. Tasha D.

    We love it too! haha! Ewan ko na lang kung masagasaan ka pa or mabangga ng sino man when strolling around. Early Warning Device ang peg ng pagka-bright ng outfit mo eh! LOVE the 4th photo! You look so tall!

  14. Cjoy Roska

    Hi Ate camille! :) Love the heels ♥ Just wanna ask, where do you usually shop online? I mean, what website, blog, etc.,?
    Thank you :D

    • Camille Co

      Hi Cjoy! Just check the shops I feature here. I shop there most of the time :)

  15. jillian

    i’m in love with this outfit, the mix of colors is so cute! your outfits are totally chic and wearable that’s why i’m a superfan of yours. i’m so excited to see your next posts!

  16. Colt Nava

    I remember how my teacher embarrassed me when she pointed out my super colorful outfit in front of the whole class during civilian day in school before (I was wearing a sunny yellow top, bright blue pants, blue skechers with my DIY/embellished neon yellow shoelaces) Your outfit in this post reminds me so much of that day. I was a very adventurous teen when it comes to clothes, I always looked forward for civilian day so I can show off my new fashion discovery! I’m sure it wasn’t her intention to humiliate me, in fairness to her, it was in the 90’s so you can imagine the conservative fashion for students during that time, where blue and yellow was not as acceptable as black and white, then there I was in my super bright ensemble! Anyway, I’m so glad we can mix up all the colors in the crayola box without being humiliated anymore! I super adore this outfit! :)

    • Camille Co

      Oh that’s not nice! Bad teacher! Thanks Kathleen! Nice to know that experience haven’t stopped you from wearing what you want :)

  17. Ren

    Kaya pala napaisip ako na yang top mo ay (looks familiar!). You don’t just look like a box of crayon but also like a bouquet of flowers with different colors in it. BLOOMING!! ;)

  18. Sephie Rojas

    Those Zara heels and blazer look so yummy with their bright colors @.@ Gives me Summer-vibes even amidst the rain these days :)) It took me a second to realize that the blazer’s actually neon-y, lolz. Super cute!

  19. Jam

    currently i am being stressed out by my thesis.. thank you for this post. it lightened the mood for a bit. haha :)

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