Candy Land


I love this dress! It sends out so much positive energy, doesn’t it? It’s just so happy-looking. I never thought I’d ever use an emotion to describe a dress…but just look at these colors! It’s not possible to look gloomy and sad in an outfit like this!


I wasn’t the only one who fell head over heels in love with this dress. The moment my mom laid eyes on it, I could already see a thought bubble forming in her head. “Must. Steal. This. From. Camille.” My mom loves dresses like this, all the more this one because it’s in a trapeze silhouette. Who can blamed her though? It’s such a forgiving silhouette. All our fats get concealed! No more bulges! Hooray, hooray!


More bonus points for this dress because it has pockets too! Who loves pockets? Say “I”!!!

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Purple Ginger dress


Rocks Paper Metal earrings


Rocks Paper Metal necklace


Kate Spade bag | Forever 21 bracelet


Sergio Rossi heels

135 Responses to “Candy Land”
  1. Yanshi

    this is toooo adorable!! these colors are needed these days, so much going on in our country! We need positive energy to live on. (uhmmm, being too serious and deep here haha! it’s true tho, right?) anyway, thanks for this lovely post our candy :)))

  2. izza

    gosh ms. camille. you are overusing that Sergio Rossi heels. haha… its too beautiful naman kasi just like you. you are like a goddess.

    • Camille Co

      But they’re beautiful! I have to use them often! Haha! Thanks Izza!

  3. Elle

    and you look so adorable in this dress! Nobody can say NO to you with this kind of look you have here… :D

  4. miruchan

    How cute.. :’)
    Umaangat fair complexion mo Ate Camille.
    I love visiting your blog because your so accommodating.
    Ikaw lang ata blogger na kilala ko na individually nagpapasalamat sa bawat comment mo.

  5. Ginny

    Hello Camilleco. I love all of ur outfit. There all amazing!! >3< I want to konw the color of lipstick and from which brand. Thank you very much. Lovvvvvve u

    • Camille Co

      Oh dear I’ve forgotten again. I really need to start listing down the lippie I use. So sorry!

  6. Rachelle

    “I!!!!!!!!” hehehe
    seeing this dress makes me feel like it’s (my) your birthday!!!! so happy to look at. :)

  7. Christine Koay

    Looking young(as usual) and cheerful here, Ms Camille! and the dress is gorgeous! how can not be cheerful with all the colour? I can understand why your mum wants to steal it! =D

  8. maebs

    You look young, fresh and cool. Ang ganda po ng aura mo sa photos. :-)

  9. Mai Maturan

    love the dress!!! bagay na bagay sa yo… very pretty! c”,)

  10. Ruth

    LAHVEETT!! Like ko rin mga ganyang kulay.. Ms. Camille — wala ka namang fats pa na ico-conceal :)

  11. Pauline

    You’re a goddess Ms. Camille! I love your elegantness (if that’s even a word) :)

  12. haf

    Hey, where can I buy this dress from? I’ve looked around but can’t seem to find it Thanks x

  13. Sha

    It’s like the dress is saying “go away bad vibes!” so refreshing!

  14. rowe

    very cute indeed! :)
    i wonder how many tons of shoes do you have and how do you maintain them?did you always bring extra flats to avoid callous on your feet?hehe just curious because you maintain perfect feet..

    • Camille Co

      Yes, I wear flats most of the time :) Else, I’d trip so much! :) I store my shoes in individual containers :)

  15. Gladys

    Whoaa! You look so malinis at bumagay talaga sa mo ang dress. You look so young, Miss.
    And your outfit and accesorries are really matchy-matchy.
    Ang ganda ng earings and necklace mo. (No wonder na ganun yung price. :D)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Gladys! :) Love ko talaga accessories ng Rocks Paper Metal :)

  16. Angelic Robles

    This post totally perked up my Monday! So many colors! :-D

    Not a single piece here is downtoned, Miss Camille. Everything is like a sweetshop color board! I enjoyed the pattern on your dress as well as it’s loose and breezy silhouette. I especially like that photo of you showing off the flowy skirt part.
    :-D So much cheer in one ensemble!

    I recognize your shoes from your previous posts. I’m impressed with the effect they had here. I always thought of that color hue as ‘electrifying blue’, but for some reason, it had a sweeter, more blueberry presence when paired with this dress.

    Accessories-wise, the pieces you picked are cheerful-sugary. :-) I’m very partial to your earrings. They remind me of a particular cupcake topping. For your purse, I thought it was like sunshine. It’s playful tone of yellow is a great conversation starter. :-D

    • Camille Co

      You noticed my shoes even! :) Wow! Now that you mentioned cupcakes, I’m suddenly craving for one. Danger, danger! Thank you Angelic!

  17. Nica Ligera

    Hi camille! I love your dress! it’s really gorgeous! You are so pretty! :)

  18. Pat Hernandez

    I! I! I! (referring to pockets) hehe :)
    You’re cute as always! I love it when you sway in pictures just to show off your dress. hihi :)

  19. jhay-cee

    I love the dress, the color and print is refreshing.
    you look 17 in that dress. :)


    • Camille Co

      Oh dear, I was going for 16! LOL! Just kidding! Thank you Jhaycee! :)

  20. Ren

    It’s hilarious while I’m watching all of these pictures cause I was smiling all the way. Haha, I so love those pockets too! ;)

  21. Andreea

    Camille, this dress is soooooooooo amazing! I have loved it from the first sight. And, as always, you created a beautiful outfit :)

  22. Care Sayman

    You look gorgeous! Can i ask what your slr is? I lost ours and im looking for small slr thats portable you can suggest

  23. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    such a bright & happy looking dress.. makes you wanna smile..

  24. Sephie Rojas

    The print is so adorbs :) And the colors are just a perfect mix of vibrance! Pwedeng pwede mag-pigout in that dress, heeheehee >:P

  25. icar

    i love the dress! it really makes you smile! :)

    been following you for months now and i so love your style. your’re my inspiration! :)

  26. Crixa

    Will you please do a closet tour for us? Please? I love your dress and I love you!

  27. Steph Sison

    Everything you wear looks good and fab on you… Kahit yata pasuotin ka ng dress na sako magmumukhang elegante sa’yo Ms. Cams.. hehe..

  28. Kesly Winona

    I LOVE POCKETS!!!! *with pride* Beautiful, chic and so stunning! I am so in love with your dress – the colors, the silhouette and how it fits and falls perfectly on you (and the pockets)! I love how you paired it with those blue pumps and yellow clutch! That dress makes me feel happy as well :)

    Please check out my fashion blog –>

  29. Hannah

    Hi there! Woah, I love the dresss! Haha bagay sa’yo :) By the way, is your email address still the same? Thanks x

  30. Lourine

    Ang light nung aura nung dress. Parang hindi lang yan babagay sa taong nakasimangot. Hehe. It should be the dress + smile… perfect! :)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Naaj! :) I tried pouting but it just doesn’t work with this dress haha!

  31. Winces

    But… You don’t have fats to hideee. That color of your dress looks really nice on you. you can pull off anything! I really love your style. :)

  32. beLLurz

    oh yes it is a happy outfit! looks good on you, and lovin the pockets too… lalala LOVE! weeee…♥♥♥

  33. Tasha D.

    Ewan ko na lang pag nabangga ka pa in a public place sa suot mong yan. haha! Kahit pitch black pa, for sure di kailangan ng night vision para makita ka. I love how your dress is not too short and how presko it looks like! Definitely something not advisable to wear on a movie date kung ayaw mong mag-freeze to death! haha!

    • Tasha D.

      Camille have you seen na Zara’s fall 2013 collection? Everything’s so nice! Here’s their campaign oh: You have to get those skirts and structured jackets! LOOOVE them!

      Soooo love Zara. It’s like the middle ground between high street brands and luxury designer brands! I just can’t consider it to be a high street brand! It’s too nice for high street! It looks like a designer brand but priced almost like high streets.

  34. Anaivilo

    Camille, you look gorgeous in this dress! Yes, that silhouette is just perfect to hide our flaws and it is also very comfortable :D
    The colors and the print is so lively, so beautiful! :D

  35. Alyssa Obis

    I really hate not getting in touched with your new blog posts because…because i need to open all of it from where i stopped til the latest! para hindi mahuli diba? Hahaha Sorry i just get used to that kind of habit :D But seriously, nakakawala kasi talaga ng stress. Btw, love your outfit ♥♥♥

  36. darleen

    omg! i’m in love with the dress.. do we call this a shift dress as well?

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