MC Hammer-ing It Up


Here’s another case of generation gap–if you don’t know who MC Hammer is, then you’re either too old or too young. For the 90s babies, I’m sure MC Hammer needs no introduction and you probably already know why my title is such. MC Hammer is known for wearing really loose pants like these…except they’re way less flattering and fashionable.


Pants like these just make you want to do the Hammer dance, don’t they? But no matter how tempting this may be, I shall resist the urge because I don’t want to risk looking like a crazy jelly of sorts. I’ll just stick to my “fashion blogger poses”. LOL! I doubt you love me that much to accept me even after doing the Hammer dance anyway.


I actually thought of using MC Hammer’s hit song, “U Can’t Touch This”, as this blog post’s title. But given that I’m wearing a super sexy cropped top, I didn’t want to risk sounding like I feel that  “I’m too sexy for your looooove.” (That’s 2 songs in one post, yo!)


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Living Royal cropped top


Lannel Boutique Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar in Pretty Boy 


Olive + Piper necklace 


Pandora bracelet | Tag Heuer watch 


Moussy pants


Givenchy heels

91 Responses to “MC Hammer-ing It Up”
  1. Yanshi

    “Break it down. Stop! Hammer time!!!” hahaha :D Cool outfit!!! Sexy too! “U can’t touch this”!! dun dun dun dun haha :D

  2. Christine Koay

    You look sexy with the cropped top, Ms Camille! Love the cutout detail at the front.. Love the pants too but of course, i don’t think i can wear that.. I love how random are you.. I LOL-ed at the ‘that’s 2 song in 1 post’ part.. hahaha.. I only heard of MC Hammer but i never listen to his song before.. so i had no idea how does Hammer dance look like.. haha.. don’t worry, we still love you no matter what! I’m into Eminem’s song during my time.. and also Linkin Park.. just wondering, do you listen to Chinese song? who’s your favourite?

  3. jhay-cee

    You’re sexy as always miss cams. love those pants. so comfy to wear.


  4. Ruth

    Lol this posts hilarious! Looove the Hammer pants if only the original were as cute as these

  5. Reena

    Oh my god… kahit na mejo waley yung fashion ng 90’s it’s still one of the best! I’m so lucky to call myself a 90’s kid. When you mentioned MC Hammer mga music videos sa MTV naalala ko. ahhhhh! I loooove that decade talaga!!! Clueless was the movie that made me want to become fashionable. I love the clothes that Alicia was wearing there, esp yung part na she was choosing clothes sa computer. lol

    Anyway… gosh! Your outfit is fierce yet sexy! Brings out all the 90’s elements and making it look more stylish! I can’t wait na mabawas na ang taba sa tummy ko para makapag crop top na ko. haha :) You look gorgeous as always. ^^

    • Camille Co

      Yes! Oh the 90s! How I love that era as well! :) Thanks Reena!

  6. Sephie Rojas

    Your charm bracelet is super cute! The blues are a nice touch :) I think you’re the only one I know who can pull off hammer pants and make it look like it was made for the runway, haha! :P

  7. Ruth

    Wow!! Looooveht!!!!
    Like the spikey shoes :)

    Mmmmm.. remember the dance of Cameron Diaz of “Can’t Touch This” in Charlie’s Angels?? :)

  8. Ren

    I love seeing you wearing cropped top that gives a lot of details, and makes you more sexier. And speaking of MC Hammer, I wasn’t able to recognize him not until you wrote some part of the lyrics that made me sing it. haha (I miss you for how many days and I was keep on opening your blog if there is a new post) Welcome back! ;)

  9. Angelic Robles

    The fit of the pants is stellar! I thought they were a more colorful version of harem pants since I didn’t see the title at first, but you’re right. This is a very fashionable take on MC-Hammer pants! I admire the print you chose for this pair. It gives both color and texture plus contrasts to the edginess of your shoes.

    That crop top on the other hand- WOW! I like it’s black matte color. Even if it has a criss-cross pattern for the straps, it still gives off a trend that is sleek to the eye.

    Is that your Pandora bracelet? Adorable! I love the charms!

    The jewelry pieces you have here are incredibly cool! I love how you alternated gold and silver pendants on your necklace layers.

    • Camille Co

      Yes it is! It’s my Pandora bracelet :) My necklace actually came this way. Cool right? Thank you Angelic!

  10. Don Losentes

    gorgeous. I love your studded heels ms. Camille! can I ask what is your favorite brand and clothing piece? haha :))

  11. Lourine

    I’m too young. Hehehe. But you’re outfit doesn’t look like too old style. It’s so sexy and edgy at the same time. Why not try the dance? :)

  12. Tasha D.

    Grabe na-miss ko yang Givenchy heels mo! So ganda talaga! Fierce! Fierce as in…. FIERCE RUNNER UP. chos! Waleeeey. haha!

    Justin Bieber-ing na ngayon. haha! Bieber always wears his pants loose and drop crotch eh. Pero dedma na kahit ano pang fashion faux pas i-commit nya, ang importante, HOT sya. haha!

    Speaking of drop crotch… I really would love to see you wear one. Yung drop crotch na military chic ang peg. Bagay sayo yun kasi you’re tall naman. Petite girls can’t pull that off kasi ang lakas maka-ikli ng legs ng trend na yun eh.

    • Camille Co

      Actually pwede! :) I just can’t seem to find the perfect pair of pants but I’d love to try the look! Pag makahanap ako, gooo! :) Fierce runner up! Bentang benta sa akin. I laughed so hard!

  13. Dawn

    Oh it’s another cropped top, this time they’re just midribs… Btw can u please educate us all? I saw from the online stores saying its midriffs, while some claim its midribs. What should we call those kind of tops anyways. I stick to midribs because I thought it made sense since they just rest on half of our set of ribs. Lol!

  14. beLLurz

    love it so much! how i wish im skinny, so i can wear this kind of outfit. T_T

  15. Lukie Chu

    ohmy!!!!!! you really look good here ate cams :))) ang hot neto grabeeee, can’t breath xD :))) hehehe. YOU’RE SO SEXY! fierce! bongga

  16. charleen

    do you have abs? :O so sexy! *Cant touch this (dun dun dunun dunun dunun) Cant touch this* Hahaha! :)

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