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I just discovered a really cool new online lifestyle platform where you can share your favorite photos with fashion and beauty lovers from all over the world! It’s www.AboutMyStyle.com ! As the name suggests, it’s all about expressing your personal style and taste just like how we do it over on Instagram except About My Style is just a tad bit more fun.


Why? About My Style is your own little lifestyle diary! Everyday, there’s a theme that is set for everyone to follow. For example, the theme of the day is “Head Over Heels”, so everyone on About My Style will post photos of their favorite pair of heels. You can easily upload your photo via the smartphone app (as shown on the photo above) or through its website (as shown on the photo below) and apply photo filters as well to make your photos even more you. After 24 hours, an entirely different theme will be set. It can be your favorite ring or your favorite red carpet look and so on and so forth. The themes aren’t always about fashion and beauty though. They can be anything from your healthy lunch, your latest read or a photo of an amazing view you saw the other day. Anything is possible! This way you can get to know people’s style and likes across various subjects without the risk of running into photos of the weirdest and most random things on the popular page!  It’s like a filtered version of Instagram! I really like this concept and enjoy going through all the photos others have posted on their profiles.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.48.15 PM

In fact, I like it so much I even got to choose today’s theme of the day–“Hats up!” I’m looking forward to seeing all of your hats! I’ve actually already seen quite of a number of nice photos that I can take inspiration from. Will yours be one of them?


Hats up, everyone! If you want to become an AboutMyStyle user as well, just visit www.aboutmystyle.com or download the app on the AppStore! (Android version will be available soon.)

73 Responses to “About My Style”
  1. rhia

    Hi Camille! u‘re so fantastic model!
    I like the color of ur hair…what is that color?
    Beautiful….nice to ur face..

  2. Sydney

    Is that your phone? It’s as cute and fashionable as you are! ^_^ Will definitely try that app.

  3. Rose Cruz

    Can you please share on where did you get your iphone case and skin? So pretty :)

    • Camille Co

      It’s somewhere on my Instagram :) The checked skins on the side are from Tokyo :)

  4. Pat Hernandez

    can you give me a link to your account? I can’t find you. :(

  5. Jessa

    Hi ms. camille, where did you get your iphone skin, i love it! :) btw, love your blog and your looks! :)

  6. K


  7. Bri

    Wow .. This sounds so cool I wanna try it. Thank you so much Ms. Camille. God bless. :)

  8. stacey

    Looks cool! Please make an update once they have it for android! i wanna download it too but im a samsung user. :( Thanks!!!

  9. Char

    Another interesting site/app. It looks like fun! I already feel overloaded with apps similar to this, but if I ever feel the need to, I’ll give it a try :) Thanks for posting about it!


  10. Adet Alferez

    am registering right now and i’m browsing through to familiarize. the site is soo cute-what with the pink and blue colors as background. i’m currently searching through your account name so I can follow but having problems locating you, but I will not stop searching until I found you! hahaha! anyways, i’m uploading a photo of mine for ‘Hats Up!’ coz like you, I also like hats! Hee. :D

  11. Ruth

    thanx for sharing!! This has to be my fave of your posts up to now — certified appaddict kasi ako sa mga ganyan kasi hehe :)

  12. judy

    A new app to explore, thanks for sharing it! <3 I love your poses on the last photo (tongues out, pa cute) haha. thumbs up for this!

  13. Makura

    Thanks for sharing this site Ms. Camille! I’m loving it and its really fun! :) <3

  14. Sephie Rojas

    Wish you could upload photos on Instagram using your computers too :( At least AMS (AboutMyStyle) allows that perk! :D

  15. maebs

    Loving the app already :-) I will download that one, its pretty cool. Thanks po for sharing this app :-)

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