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To those who were wondering why I didn’t include my Preview Magazine feature on my previous blog post, “Hot Off The Press“, it’s because I prepared a special behind-the-scenes blog post for it! Hooray, hooray! So before we dive into the BTS photos, here’s the actual feature from Preview Magazine’s July 2013 issue. That’s me along with my blogger friends, Patricia and Laureen. As you all know, every July, Preview comes out with it’s Best Dressed List for the year. I’ve been part of the list already last 2011, so when I learned I’m part of the prestigious list again this year, I was more than surprised. I thought being included in the list can only happen once! I still remember how I felt the first time like it was yesterday! I was so ecstatic and unbelievably flattered! (You can read all about it here and here.) This second time is no different. It’s an honor to even be considered! This is actually the first time for Preview to come out with a Best Dressed List like this. It was always just individual features. This year, Preview came up with this brilliant idea of featuring not just 10 women like usual, but 10 fashion bonds/groups. How awesome is that! I’m glad to be sharing this moment with, to quote Preview Magazine, my “sartorial sisters.”


There you have it! I always get kilig whenever I see features like this. I hope to one day show this to my future kids and maybe even grandkids. (I’m getting ahead of myself again. LOL!) Anyway, for those of you who haven’t grabbed a copy of this issue yet, maybe it’s not too late. It’s only the start of August so you might still be able to see a few copies out in the market!


And for the BTS photos, here they are! Preview asked us to prepare our own print-on-print outfits for the shoot. As usual, they asked us to bring options. This was the first option. This is us trying to look fierce mid-jump!


When you shoot with your friends, it’s like you have an extra set of loving eyes. You watch out for each other and make sure everyone looks perfect. I love how this can easily be seen in this candid photo.


Needless to say, our shoot was so light, easy and full of laughs!


Meet Wednesday Adams. Har har! When our sittings editor, Lyca Puno, first showed me our hair peg. I told them jokingly, “Parang nahahalata ko nang may galit ang Preview sa bangs ko!” (rough English translation: “I’m somehow noticing that Preview has a little hatred towards my fringe.”) LOL! Remember my Preview cover shoot? I’m not complaining though. I trust them completely and I believe the team knows exactly what they’re doing. Who knows? Maybe if I’m lucky enough to be featured once again in Preview, they’ll sweep my bangs to the back the next time. Side sweep, check! Middle part, check! That’s the only hairstyle left to do! (Because I’m sure shaving my head isn’t an option. Haha!) But seriously speaking, I love how Preview always tries to change our looks. I welcome it!


Too bad our outfits for this layout wasn’t published though. To those wondering, this dress is available at MYTH, Greenbelt 5.


Here’s the layout that made it to the magazine. It still baffles me how they were able to photoshop the apple box that Laureen’s standing on away. It’s so unbelievably cool!


This is us listening intently to Preview’s Eugene David.


This is my favorite!


And that’s a wrap! There’s also a special behind-the-scenes video posted on You can watch the video here and find out how I discovered that Laureen is holding a pair of my shoes hostage. I still have no idea what those shoes are. I will probably never know. LOL! Midnight Bonkers also made a special video of all the Best Dressed groups shown at the Preview Ball. You can watch that here.

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  1. Isabelle Victoria

    Tuwang tuwa ako sa behind the scenes niyo! The Step-skip-whatever-then-emote Pose! It’s like you were born to do that!
    Na-happy ako seeing this. Kudos to Preview team and to the 3 fabulous dashing ever creative bloggers!

  2. Christine Koay

    Can I have a copy of this? Sobs sobs.. and omg, 291 pairs of shoes? you have your own shoes closet? or share with your mum? Lol.. i’m curious to know.. my mum loves shoes too.. and of course handbags.. woman will always be woman.. and that’s something man don’t understand.. haha.. I’m surprised that you have more flats than heels.. i always thought the other way around.. i love the candid photo that you’re pouting to Laureen.. so cute! haha.. and seriously, i’m not liking the middle parting.. maybe i’m used to you with bangs.. you look different with middle parting.. Lastly, congratulation on being listed as Best Dressed again, Ms Camille! that’s something to be really proud of! =)

    • Camille Co

      My sister hates it as well! Haha! :) Thanks Christine! They don’t fit my closet anymore actually haha!

      • Christine Koay

        Haha! yous sister hates it too? because I myself hates middle parting.. haha.. I was like ‘that middle parting are not working at all’! =D

  3. audrey

    omg 291 pairs of shoes?!!! my parents won’t let me shop again in my entire life if i already have that much. lol
    you look so lovely there, miss camille <3

  4. maebs

    I saw your video and palagi ko pong inuulit. :-) I also voted you ms. Cams. 291 pair of shoes! Emerged! Pwede po akin na ang isa para 290 nalang po na pair yung sayo. Haha :-) ang ganda mo po pag straight hair:-)

  5. Kirk

    I have copy Already. Winner! Un Lang! Camille and Laureen always perfect! Love you ate cam! :)

  6. Ruth

    Wow, halo-halo ng prints!! Galing :) Galing nyo magdala.. Congrats!!

    I enjoy looking at your pix and reading ur blogs.. Umm.. curious lang.. Ano height niyo?? :)

  7. Kalet

    I started following Kim Chiu on IG yesterday and she’s following you Miss Camille! Hehe.. Btw, ang fierce ng shoot niyo. Sana bago ako umalis ng pinas makita kita in person. Dream ko po talaga iyon.. :)

    • Camille Co

      Yay! That’s great news! :) Thank you Kalet! Mangyayari yan :)

  8. Gladys

    AaaahhH!!! You are so pretty dun sa 9th and 10th photo. Whoaaaa!!! Hindi ako maka-recover. If I were a boy, magkaka-crush ako sa’yo ng bongga! Nakaka-charice!!!

    Anyway, I really thought fringed only looks good for those who have wide forehead. Hindi pala. You look good with and without your bangs. You’re one of the few people na may bangs na hindi pilit ang dating:)

    You have 291 pair of shoes? Nahiya ako sa dawalang pair ko. Ng sneakers. >.< Hindi na talaga ako makakapaghintay na makita ang closet mo. Na probably kasinlaki ng bahay namin. :D

    • Gladys

      Watda! I meant there ‘fringes’. Baket naging ‘fringed’?! HAHAHA
      Langyang keyboard! >.<

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Gladys! I don’t think my forehead is small though. i think it’s quite wide haha hence the bangs :) But thanks! :)

  9. Diva In Me

    I’ve always liked behind the scenes pictures and I think you girls look great! It’s hard to pick who looks best as all 3 look just as good. That’s the reason why you guys are doing the shoot! =D

  10. Khayrin

    You’re so jaunty in this post. I love those checkered themes, reminds me so much of LV! :) You look sleek perfection on the middle partings. Pantene! Nyahahaha. Bet!

    • Camille Co

      I don’t think I’m inspiring millions haha! But thank you KC!

  11. Simone Paulo de Souza

    Hi. Camille!!!
    Amazing editorial!!! Too bad I cant see it here. Its not available in my country. ;___:
    Oh, tell me,please, how can they made your bangs vanish? *o* Sometimes I wanna hide my bangs, to change a litlle bit, but its very hard, I cant make it look so natural as they made with yours.

    • Camille Co

      The magic of a professional hair stylist! :) LOL! He used hairspray on my bangs.

  12. Mary Ann

    Congratulations Miss Camille! You deserve to be on the list! :)

  13. beatrice gases

    the no. of shoes oh my gossshhh ahahahahnha. oh well may be someday.

      • beatrice gases

        oh my oh my can you throw a little here somewhere in Novaliches. particularly out side our house ok i kid i kid . and even though i’m serious i know that you wont give me eh ahahaha ahaha :D

  14. Manon

    291 pairs of shoes!!?? Holy momma of shoes D:
    When you reach 365, please make a post :p

    Is there any way to read the feature online? (I live in the UK, so theres no way for me to buy it unfortunately :(

    p.s. in the 10th photo, I think its more Cleopatra than Wednesday Adams :3

    • Camille Co

      I take that as a compliment! Cleopatra then! :) Thanks Menon! I think they have digital copies too! I’m not too sure though. Please check I’m sure they have the link there :)

  15. Riva Shane

    To be honest, nag iba ang pananaw ko sa fashion nung simula nagbasa ako ng mga blogs nyo :)
    I don’t follow artist na nga in Instagram only local bloggers and I admit that I buy magazine pag nandun yung favorite bloggers ko. :)

  16. Angelic Robles

    Congratulations on making it to Preview’s Best Dressed List, Miss Camille! :-D I’m happy for all the opportunities this will present for you and your sartorial sisters!

    I read part of the feature on the three of you, and I have to say it feels great to see such a friendship blossom because of your love for fashion. Keep on being inspiring! :-D Two thumbs up for your behind the scenes photos and outtakes. :-D

  17. april

    Love the combination all of you look amazing….I want to meet you one day..hopefully if when I go
    Back to philippines.

  18. Lourine

    You know what, when Miss Patricia posted a sneak peak on IG of who were the best dressed, I already have this idea that you are one of them. And I am sooo right! Haha! I really do have confidence in you huh? Congrats ate Camille! :-)

  19. Anaivilo

    All three of you look incredible! I looove the article and the clothes you are wearing! Fabulous! I am sure you had loads of fun at the shooting :D And Congratulations!!:D

  20. Colt Nava

    You look absolutely divine, Camille! Personally, I think u wore the print-on-print best! :)

    • Camille Co

      Awww thank you for accepting me with or without my bangs haha! :)

  21. Tanya

    OMGOD i watched the video and this is the first time I’ve heard your voice! I have to say, I did not expect you to sound like that. You sound so cute! You’re so tall kase, and your cute voice sounds like you’re a little girl! gaaahhh i just wanted to pinch you while you were talking :)) (I hope that’s not creepy hahaha)

  22. jhay-cee

    Congratulation Miss Cams!!!
    OMG, you have 291 pair of shoes, thats a lot. :) I’m soooo admire you. :)
    I saw the video and hear your cute voice again and your so sweet miss. 3 of you are gorgeous but your my favorite.

    love, jhaycee.

  23. Charleen

    Congratulations ! You look stunning. :) You look different with your hair parted that way, but still pretty! hehe

  24. Tasha D.

    I love your 1st outfit! The one you wore your Sergio Rossi heels with! LOVE LOVE LOVE! What’s the brand of your top and skirt? Was it your own o Preview pulled them out for you? Isn’t it pag cover stories the Magazine has to provide everything for the model? I rarely see kasi sa Vogue na they use the model’s own clothes lalo na pagdating sa cover stories eh. Pero regardless, BONGGA parin! Actually mas bongga pa nga pag model’s own clothes lalo na kung BEST DRESSED PEOPLE ang topic.

    BTW I looove how you look without the bangs! You look waaaaay more mature (in a good way) tyaka very Independent Women by Destiny’s Child ang aura mo dyan!

    Cue music!

    “The shoe on my feet, I’ve bought it
    The clothes I’m wearing, I’ve bought it
    The rock I’m rockin’, I’ve bought it
    ‘Cause I depend on me”

    Female empowerment ang peg ng fringe-less Camille!

    • Camille Co

      Well, here kasi, when they feature you and your style, they ask you to style yourself with your own clothes. :) For me, it makes more sense because you can better showcase your style talaga. If you’re being photographed as a model for an editorial, then they pull out clothes for you and style you :)

      My skirt is from Anna Sui and my top is from Crayon, Singapore :)

      Natawa naman ako sa song!!! Thanks Tasha!

  25. Tony Evan

    You always look impeccable Camille. I doubt there is a day in your life you look any lesser. See you around:]

  26. Anne

    WOW! I too wonder how they made that apple box disappear! What is this sorcery? Hahahaha. I remember seeing a video about this in YouTube sometime ago. It was beautiful. ;) And wait you have 291 pairs of shoes???? WOOOW! I hope you make a post about that. I think it would be fun… a peep into your wardrobe maybe? :)

  27. Sephie Rojas

    My fringe = My safety blanket @__@ It’d be so cool to see them give you a slicked back hair look ala Trinity from The Matrix :P Congrats on the feature again! :D

  28. Vina Guerrero

    ohh the editing is so cool!! <3 hahaha congratulations again camille!!

  29. Kenny

    I should get a copy of Preview!!! Anyway you really deserve to be on the list Miss!!!!! Congratulations, Keep it Up and God Bless! ♥♥♥

  30. Lukie Chu

    I saw a video that includes this :)) haha the three of you (my idols) are so pretty cool! i already saw Laureen Uy in person, i hope kayo naman hehehe. WALANG HIMALA SA FASHIONISTANG MAGANDA (all of you) :D

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