DIY: Fringe and Fishnet


As promised, here’s my first ever Do-It-Yourself blog post! I got so inspired by my DIY talk for Goody’s Come Play event that I thought why not share a snippet of it here? I actually wrote this article first for published here. DIY projects are fun, resourceful and most of all, practical. Unleash your inner Martha Stewart and let your creativity shine!  Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, this DIY technique I’m about to share with you is super easy. It’s one of the most common DIY techniques on T-Shirt reconstruction that you’ll find on the web, so I definitely did not invent this. I wish I did though! Anyway, are you ready to turn your outdated and boring shirt into a fringe and fishnet muscle tee like the one I’m wearing? Read on below to find out how!


To make your DIY tee, all you need is a big/loose knit shirt and a pair of fabric scissors. I prefer unisex or men’s shirts because the fit is perfect for muscle tees.


Step 1: Cut off the hem of your shirt. It’s better to cut one side at a time.


Step 2: Cut off your shirt’s collar. It doesn’t matter if your shirt has a round or V-neck collar.


Again, cut it one side at a time.


Step 3: Cut the sleeves off and create a bigger armhole to achieve the muscle tee look. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to cut your armholes perfectly, you can always use tailor chalks or pins to serve as your guide. I prefer doing it freestyle, just because I’m cool like that. LOL! Just kidding.



To make sure both armholes are similar, fold your shirt at the center and use the first armhole you cut as guide for the other side.


Tada! You’ve got your muscle tee!


Step #4: To create your fringes, start by cutting your shirt from the bottom center.


Cut strips all the way to the point where you want your fringe to start. Make sure it’s not too high up that it reaches your shirt’s armholes. Also, they have to be even numbered because you’ll be tying them in knots by twos when you make your fishnet top.


Step #5: After cutting strips all over your shirt’s bottom half, pull the strips to turn them into strings.



This is how your flat strips will look like once you finish pulling them. They turn into rolled strings.


And there you have it! You’ve got your fringe shirt!


Step #6: To transform your fringe shirt into a fishnet shirt, start by tying 2 strings together in a knot.


Keep going until you finish all the fringes.


Step #7: For the second and succeeding level of knots, get one string from the first knot and another from the second knot and tie them together. Then get the remaining string from the second knot and another string from the third knot and tie them together and so on and so forth.


Keep doing this until you finish all the strings.


Step #8: Leave the bottom part of the strings as they are to create a fringe hem.


And that’s it! From a normal shirt to a muscle tee to a fringe muscle tee and finally, to a fishnet muscle tee! Wear this trendy design on a casual day out with your friends or at a music festival or even to the beach! I chose to wear it on a chill Sunday out with my siblings. It was a hot and sunny day so it was the perfect time to debut my DIY project!


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Topshop jeans


Sunpocket sunnies


H&M necklace


Fendi bag


Alexander Wang heels

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  1. Jen Yang

    Cool! Hope to see more DIYs ate Camille :))) You always give new ideas and styles. No more boring shirts ;)

    • Camille Co

      I promise to search for more dIY ideas and hopefully share them here! :)

  2. Maeh Egamino

    Wow, Ms. Camille! Bigla tuloy akong napaisip dun sa iba kong tees. Thank you for this post! Good thing I visited your blog again. The last time I checked this was a month ago! Grabe. Ang dami kong namiss. Hahaha. Keep it up, Ms. Camille! And more D.I.Y. posts, puh-leaseeee. :)

    • Camille Co

      Whyyyyyy!!! One month is too long! :( But thank you for visiting again. Sana you vist more often! :) If you do, I’ll post more DIY haha!

  3. Chloe Lee

    Thks for sharing this helpful tips. I’m going to do this :) I really Love all of your styles

  4. Ceejay

    Hi, Camille! I just wanna know how are you able to walk in heels and also, how long? TIPS TIPS? :)
    Thanks! Love love love this entire space! :)

    • Camille Co

      LOL! It’s a challenge for me too so I don’t think I’m the best person to give tips! Haha! :)

  5. Auma

    I was never a fan of DIY clothes because I seem to suck at it. But this one convinced me that there’s still hope for me! Thanks! :D

  6. Yanshi

    This is sooooo cool!! I love it!! I’m gonna start stealing my brother’s shirts hahahaha :D :P

  7. maebs

    Thanks for the DIY post. I’ve been dying to have this. :) I will definitely do it! :)

  8. Vina Guerrero

    I love this blog post!! will try this during my free time!! :)

  9. Lyn

    such a nice DIY! :) I’m so excited to go home from work and do some funky DIY with my unused loose shirts. teeheeeeee :D

  10. Reena

    Thaaaank You Lord! hahahahaha!!! I’m soooooo going to try this out! Thank you Cams! :)

  11. mariel

    Cool DIY! Hitting three birds with one stone, haha. Anyhoo, I love your outfit! Well, nothing new, it is always the case, you are just too fahiowwwn and gorgeous!!! And you always have the most beautiful shoes, very imeldific! haha. LOVE <3

  12. glezzie

    mind if I ask the brand of your pants or is it leggings? <3 it! and of course I also love what u did to the shirt :)

  13. 3girls1apple

    Loooove love love the shirt and your glasses. We are trying to mimic the shirt now as I comment. Thanks for sharing. Great idea from

  14. Jamela Pangasinan

    I’ll do this to one of my shirts for our next dance performance. Thanks for the idea! ;)

  15. Izza

    wow ms. camille. thank you for sharing this with us. i’m so gonna try that. :)

  16. Emmrose Villasfer

    Ang taray! haha
    I hope you make more DIY. I’m looking forward to all of it :)

  17. Naaj Rona

    The tee looks so pretty. You are very good at it Camille. You make it look so simple and easy but i am sure when i try it, it will be a bit difficult. I will have to keep at least x3 shirts to master it.

    your cut is also so clean, after all you are a designer so you know what you are doing.

    I will try and BTW, i received my Sheer Perfection Dress and Print Paradise top and i absolutely love and amazed at the quality of the fabric. Oh, i also receive your bow necklace, so it definitely made my day. even my mum loved it.
    A big thank you to you and the Tomato team who sent me a small note and a voucher all the way to UK.

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Naaj! I’m so happy you received them already! :) And don’t you worry, I’m sure you’ll able to execute this DIY perfectly! :)

  18. Racquel

    So that’s how you do it. Thanks for sharing! I feel like I’m also a designer haha….. Looking forward for your next DIY post. (*_*)

  19. Pat Hernandez

    Wow! I want to try it, too! but I think, I won’t make the armhole too big, unless I wear a tank top underneath. hehe. It’s my sem break in a week and I’ll let you know if I made one! thank you for this, Miss Camille! :)

  20. judy

    Woah, that was very nice and sexy! And it’s easy to make one. clap clap clap, thank you for sharing this :)

  21. Kristine Lopez

    Soooo cute!! :) More DIYs to come, please ate Cams! ^__^ (Ate daw??? Close? Haha. Sorry. :D)

  22. Christine Koay

    Such a great DIY post, Ms Camille! But i’m bad at DIY and craft.. sobs.. and I’m a bit lazy.. LOL.. and finally you wear your Alexander Wang’s heels! =D And you totally got the swag with this muscle tee on! Cool~ =)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Christine! Why don’t you get a friend to help you out so that it’ll be more fun and won’t get lazy? :) Gooo!

      • Christine Koay

        Oh, that’s a great idea! I never thought of that! Thanks, Ms Camille! =)

  23. liezel aldecoa

    Gosh! you’re an artist :) Hihihih!
    I remembered your first d.i.y at the goody event. it was so cool that you do it successfully :)

    • Camille Co

      Sorry I don’t know :) I had my nails done at Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell :)

  24. Chloe

    Wow! Great work! I am inspired by you! You’re really rocking this look. Just wondering, anong brand ng shirt and jeans mo. They both very nice. Thanks! :)

    • Camille Co

      I got the shirt from Rayban for free and my jeans are from Topshop :)

  25. denisevhianca

    I just finished checking your blog (cos i’m busy for two weeks) and then you have a new post already!! You are so masipag ate :)))

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