My Dandy Outfit


As promised, here’s more of my dandy outfit from my previous post. In an attempt to look as effortlessly sexy as Gandy is in a shirt, I got my new favorite low cut shirt from Sexy White Shirt and tried my best to channel Gandy. Of course I added my own style into the mix.


This is the reason why white shirts will forever be closet staples. It’s so easy to style them in a variety of ways! I chose to style mine with striped pants and a fedora to look a tad bit androgynous. It kind  of reminds me of New York street style actually. And since New York is so famous for it’s taxis, I got my quirky new clutch from Rafé to complete my look. What do you think?


Oops! I left my other bag in a taxi!


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Sexy White Shirt low-cut shirt


Cotton On hat | SM Accessories ear cuff


Olive + Piper xo necklace Customized cross diamond necklace


Topshop and Forever 21 rings Tempo Manila Daniel Wellington watch


Rafé clutch (available in Rustan’s)


Alexander Wang heels (shipped all the way to Manila via USA2Everywhere)


Zara pants


Zara trousers

93 Responses to “My Dandy Outfit”
  1. Christine Koay

    I really love this outfits, Ms Camille! So simple and chic! and i really love your hat! I can’t take my eyes off you.. LOL.. and i love your hair too.. and that bag is quirky indeed.. =)

  2. Gladys

    AAAHHHH. Breathtaking. :)

    I never thought stripe pants would look good with a plain white shirt. It’s always denim for me. Why do I always choose the safest of the safe style? :D

    Miss, ask ko lang, when you choose a footwear, pinag-iisipan nyo pa ba yun? Kung ako ang magsusuot nito, I would never think siguro matching it with a red heels. Kung ako lang naman. Choops kasi ako, eh. And looking at it, it looks sooo fab. Or maybe because it was you who’s wearing it? hehehehe.

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Gladys! :) Black and white always looks good with red kasi so there! :) Para lang may pop of color. :) Experiment more! There’s nothing wrong with going for safer styles but it’s nice to mix things up a bit every now and then para your style will evolve :)

  3. gammy

    it never crossed my mind that i can wear plain white shirt with my stripped pants. thanks to you, ur such a blessing. mwuah.

  4. Camilla

    Hi ms. camille your link po regarding where u got that tshirt is broken..
    i really like that white tshirt

  5. Dheya Suzuki

    how can someone look so stunning and elegant with a plain white tee? explain, ate Camille! haha.

  6. denisevhianca

    This post is a full package! Everything is so so fine — the outfit + hairdo. <3

  7. Mai Pascua

    How do you fix your hair? From full fringe to side fringe. You look so pretty. Especially with that white shirt. It’s clean and simple, bringing out the You. Hihihi.

    • Camille Co

      Oh you mean the bangs? I just sweep them to the side :) They’re really so easy to maintain for me so there’s no particular method. Maybe it’s the cut?

  8. maebs

    effortless pero fashionable pa din. how can you maintain it po? pwede po I left my other bag in a Dandy instead of I left my other bag in a taxi? lol. :)

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! And then you can meet Dandy again because you left your bag with him? LOL!

  9. liberty

    I love that look… hope i could try it myself.. that simple outfit is inspiring. :)

  10. Yanshi

    It’s the same spot where you shot your pics for STUDMUFFIN hihihi :) It still has the international-ish vibe hahaha :D Anyway, I love the simplicity of this outfit. It’s doesn’t look plain, it’s still very stylish and fab :) That clutch is so cooool :)) Would love to have one <3 And you're wearing those gorgeous Alexander Wang shoes again!! :)))

    P.S. Love the look on your face in your 4th pic hahaha :D It seemed like you really left your bag in a taxi haha! SOOO ADORABLE! ;*

  11. Mae

    where is this place Ms. Camille? You look simple yet fashionable.Good job as always! :)

  12. Ohms

    wow it efforless but looking chic and classy parin. another inspiration that must have forme.:)

  13. Driely Sousa

    Faz um tempo que não comento aqui no blog, mas vim dizer que amei o look, você está cada dia mais encantadora!
    Os acessórios são incríveis, mas achei o chapéu dar um toque especial ao look!
    Bju Bju

  14. carmina lim

    You are soooo BEAUTIFUL!I like this style, simple but very elegant! WOW! Every time I see your blog post you always amaze me. I hope to see you in person and take a picture with you! Ganda ganda mo Miss camille ^^

  15. Ren

    You’re just effortlessly sexy like Gandy. And that (I’m a lost kid in NY) in the 4th pic. Cute! I always love seeing you wear that Alexander Wang babies Haha

  16. Lydia

    Love this dandy look…
    and the clutch is just so cute!


  17. Carol

    I love it! It actually reminds me of New York too. Also because his name sounds like Gatsby. Haha. May I ask what you used for your brows and cheeks here? :)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Carol! I don’t know because a makeup artist did my makeup. I came from a shoot! :)

  18. Reena

    I love how your romantic curls made the look a tad more feminine! Ang ganda Cams! Gusto ko tong i try. :) So crisp and clean! I want to try wearing fedoras pero parang hindi keri ng face shape ko…

  19. Tasha D.

    Ay Rafé naman pala. Di keri pang-bag organizer. haha! I loooove Minaudieres from Rafé! Super gaganda! Proudly Filipino made pa! Kabahan si Judith Lieber! chos!

    • Tasha D.

      For how much did you buy your Rafé? Di ko kasi makita sa site nila yung design na yan eh.

      • Camille Co

        I’m not so sure about the price because I got this as a gift from Rustan’s :)

  20. Mina

    hi, you really got great style, and you’ve got great makeups too.. can you make a tutorial on how you do your brows?

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Mina! I’d like to take credit but I didn’t do this :( I came from a shoot so a professional makeup artist did my makeup :)

  21. judy

    I like how you incorporated this dandy outfit, sexy but conservative.And I love your accessories! I’ll bet, Gandy will like this as well :)

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