Dandy Like Gandy

Do you know David Gandy? You know, that hot British supermodel who’s known to be one of sexiest, most influential and successful male models in the world? He’s graced the pages of countless magazines and ads, including Dolce & Gabbana which he’s most famous for. If you don’t know him and are Googling him as you read this, I suggest you take a seat and compose yourself first before you bask in his perfection.

Okay. So, you’ve already seen him, right? You’re now aware of his existence. You probably stared at his photos longer than you should have. But why just stare at his photos when you can see him in the flesh? I got your attention now, didn’t I? David Gandy is the newface of SM Men’s Fashion and he is coming to the Philippines this October 24 for Philippine Fashion Week! How to get invites? Win invites to the show by joining SM Men’s Fashion’s “DO THE GANDY” promo!

DJG_billboardTo join, all you have to do is share a Gandy-inspired look to @SM_MensFashion on Twitter/Instagram. Make sure to tag @SM_MensFashion and include the hashtags, #SMMensFashion and #GandyForSMMEN. This promo ends on the 17th so tweet/Instagram your Gandy outfits before the deadline! Else, you might miss seeing hot stuff Gandy live!


To help you out a bit, here’s my own Gandy-inspired look. He’s usually in tailored suits when he’s photographed but I like his casual outfits a lot too. I mean, come on! No one wears a sexy plain shirt better than Gandy! More about this outfit later!

29 Responses to “Dandy Like Gandy”
  1. gabi

    Where can i buy tickets to sm men’s fashion week? I really want to see him.

  2. Vann Pacis

    OMG! Thank God I’ll ramp for fashion week!!! :)))))) I’d swing by the backstage when it’s the SM Men’s fashion’s turn already. Hahahaha! :)

  3. maebs

    oh my Gosh. Ang gwapo nya! my eyes are drooling with him. nakakaloka si kuya ang hot ng blue eyes nya nakakalaglag panty! :) ay nako pagyan talaga napatingin sayo i love you agad sabay hug sa kanya kahit hindi ka naman tinitingnan. lol! :)

  4. Alyssa

    OMG those blue eyes of him is sooooo HOT <3 what more can i say? hahaha PAK NA PAK NA HAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Tasha D.

    Makalaglag-panty si Kuya. Nakakaloka. haha! I think one of the highest paid male models sya eh pero just recently meron ng newly crowned! Si Sean O’Pry! http://www.malemodelscene.net/wp-content/gallery/012013/sean-opry-renie-saliba-august-man-01.jpg
    Kaloka. Pag yan ang nanligaw sayo, wala ng arte! Sagot na agad! Marriage na the next day. chos. haha!

    True! Sobrang bongga ng guys who can pull off a simple white shirt! Wit effort pero nakakatunaw na! haha! Kailangan ibang level talaga kagwapuhan pag ganon.

    I love your look! Where did you get your bag! Gusto ko ng ganyan to use as a bag organizer haha!

    • Camille Co

      Hahahaha you’re too funny! Sean O’Pry looks so young and clean! Check out my next post for the bag! :) Super cute!

  6. Hannah Mitchell

    Hi Ms. Camille! I love your earcuffs. Where’d you bought them? :)

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