Pink Sunset


I just came from a shoot again here hence the super heavy makeup. I can’t seem to remember for what though because these were taken soooooooo long ago. I think it wasn’t even rainy season yet when I shot these. It was THAT long ago! Oh how time flies. It seems like summer was just yesterday and now Christmas is right around the corner.


So before I bring out my Christmas sweaters and glittery skirts, here’s another blast from the past outfit. I feel a little bit like a Cali girl here–cropped top, short skirt, beautiful sunset and all. Can’t find the sunset? That’s cause it’s on my bag!!


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Mango denim jacket and skirt


H&M necklace Chanel earrings Collection Cosmetics lippie in Satin Bow


Binky Doodles cropped top 


Love Eyecandy clutch


Mango heels Nails by Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell

91 Responses to “Pink Sunset”
  1. Christine Koay

    Such a cute outfits, Ms Camille! Pink is my favourite colour! <3 and love the purple eyeshadow on you.. did they contour your nose? it looks really sharp.. Love your clutch as well.. =)

    • Camille Co

      Awww thanks Ruby! And I love you guys more too because you never grow tired of visiting my blog and leaving positive comments :)

  2. Tyrrah

    I love it! You look so fresh and pretty and with these on you can definitely say lets go and have some FUN!

  3. Yanshi

    It’s time to catch up, been so busy! :(( Anyway, love the colors of this outfit <3 You looked great here! :)))

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Katrina! Still my usual but I think the red faded quite a bit here

  4. Kylie

    I really love your sense of fashion, Camille :) You inspire me to try to look good every single day haha. Natuwa nga ako eh kase ung outfit ko today green blazer and blue leggings, tapos I saw on your instagram that u wore a similar outfit from way before. Talagang may influence ka sa style ko haha.

    Check it out if ur not too busy

    • Camille Co

      Aww thank you Kylie! :) Natutuwa rin ako whenever I hear this from my readers :)

  5. Philip

    Camille, you are so beautiful ! I’m crazy about the Mango heels you’re wearing ! Excellent choice of nail polish as well, it is a great color on your toes !

    Love you ! :-)

  6. maebs

    I love the whole outfit of yours. I love your hair sana parati pong ganyan ang hair mo. Btw, did you trim down your hair po?

  7. Dheya Suzuki

    forever nakaka jelly ang legs mo, ate :( :) HAHAHA. I loveeeeeeeeeeee the eyeshadow. <3 and you better smile on your photos more often. :)

  8. Hazel Joy Arnaldo

    You’ve inspired me so much with your posts. Now I try to be more playful with my outfits too; something different from the usual tee-jeans-sneakers outfit.
    By the way, I love that denim jacket. :-)

  9. Dana Alulod

    I found it really great for you in a pastel outfit, its really good in you. bringing you fairness and glow even brighter. Pretty :D

  10. Katrin Tuano

    Wow, lakas maka fresh ng colors ng outfit. I really love how you MUA does your makeup there. Bagay sayo defined eyes. So pretty! :)

  11. Angelic Robles

    This post was like a peek into the life of a sophisticated L.A. celebrity, Miss Camille! The makeup you have on is very glamorous. Hope you consider posting another makeup tutorial with this look as your theme. It’s a twist to the smokey-eye effect. The purple shade on your peepers is to die for! Such a cool shade, since it looks like it can shift effortlessly from this daytime look you have to a highlight for a nighttime ensemble.

    I noticed your top-to-bottom, dark-to-light hues of pink. Great way to show off an ombre palette for this color. :-) I have taken a shine to seeing you sport Mango pieces since you make them look so youthful. You helped me appreciate that brand even more.

    As for your clutch, it’s not just the sunset design I love but the SIZE! It’s exactly what I look for when it comes to purses of the clutch variety. So versatile! Is it made of faded denim? The effect is so modern!

    Thumbs up for this pair of heels too, Miss Camille! The colors are solid and they make this outfit look very polished. I also like how the adjustments for the straps are velcro, and not buckles.

    • Camille Co

      You noticed the velcro? You’re good! :) Thank you Angelic! My favorite shade of eye shadow is actually purple so that tutorial just might happen! :)

  12. JessicaBaladjay

    I always waiting when you will be able to post a picture with your biggest SMILE :) mas lalo ka pa sigurong gaganda (natulala po ako sa third photo).. I love everything about you ate Camille.

  13. Angel Salumbides

    I love everything in your outfit, btw. Did you just buy that jacket or you bought them long ago? Do u think they still have that? Thanks in advance! :)

  14. Haley

    I love this outfit!! The bag is so pretty and the jacket and everything else. You also look so so pretty! :) xX.

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Anne! I don’t know what exactly eh. I just said I want it to be red. If it helps, I go to Park Jun Salon :)

  15. denisevhianca

    (hope i’m the 1st one to comment hahaha)
    SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS POST and VERY TIMELY! I needed this. Thank you so much, Ate Camille :)

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