Side swept bangs, middle parted bangs, full bangs, brushed up bangs–I never thought my bangs would make such a big deal. LOL! Whenever I style my bangs or fringe differently than my usual full bangs, there’s always a debate that ensues. It’s confusing me as well. I no longer know what I want to do with my bangs. But at least, I can play around with my fringe every now and then.


For this look, team no bangs won over team bangs so I swept my fringe to the side and showed the world, once again, that I do have a set of eyebrows. And my forehead does exist. LOL!


I figured full bangs might make me look a bit like an anime-inspired superhero. What with this Phillip Lim-inspired comic book skirt. Someone might mistake me for Chun Li or something and expect me to do multiple high kicks. Pow! Kaboom!


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Chanel earrings Forever 21 necklace


New Look denim top


Forever 21 rings


Balenciaga bag 


Femmex skirt


Alexander Wang heels (shipped via USA2Everywhere)

81 Responses to “Pow!”
  1. Christine Koay

    I feel you look mature with side swept bangs and kawaii with bangs.. but still, you look gorgeous however you style it, Ms Camille! and such a quirky skirt.. and I LOL at your randomness again.. =D

  2. Karen

    love that printed skirt! and you still look so sophisticated. Ugh, I envy you because you really good in matching clothes. I wish I can do the same.. But hey, I’m still a fan. :)

  3. Yanshi

    Sexy but fun outfit! Love the skirt and the denim top :)))) And of course, who wouldn’t love those Alexander Wang heels? <3 You looked amazing!! You did the "biglang-tingin" pose again hihihi :) SO pretty! :))))

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Jill! I always condition my hair and try my best to apply treatments :)

  4. Lourine

    Side bangs or full bangs… you still look pretty :) I am really planning to have the same bangs as yours and maybe it can also do some tricks on me. Lol. Just maybe.

  5. Reena

    Did you wear this outfit sa isang party with your fellow blogger friends? I’m not sure but I think I saw this sa isang post ni Laureen. Anyway, I like this! Ang fun! As much as I want to wear crop tops, I can’t bring myself to do it! lol… Need ko pang mag lose para ma show ko na ang fl(abs) ko sa buong mundo! ^^

  6. Kyla Tan

    You look so breathtaking, always so fresh! Love this look Ms. Camille! Plus I really think that by simply changing how you style your bangs distinguishes each look’s identity, and you have a nice set of brows too haha.

  7. jayzel

    I just so love your look Ms. Camille. And the skirt is perfect for you.. Mwahhh

  8. esa

    Hi camille,

    I love your skirt so much!but i checked with pinkaholic and they said that its not their product can you please tell me where to get it i really need it for a super hero themed party this november thanks!!!

  9. Angelic Robles

    A victory for Team No Bangs, huh? :-) I got a kick out of that, Miss Camille! The graphic design of your skirt gave me one too. I think it’s a total showstopper! The eye on the front design has a wham effect. Definitely something very avante-garde.

    I commend you on the length as well, since it gives a very cool bass beat to the colorful words on the print. You stand out as a conversation starter here, and I’m very much liking your denim cropped bustier. You have shown me once again that these clothes are pieces that DO exist, and can be put together to form beautiful ensembles.

    On to your hair. I’m loving the versatility. The side-swept part looks wonderful on you! In fact, I think it shows off more of the darker lowlights on your new hair color. :-) In the first and third photos, when one side of your hair was over one shoulder, I thought it was very well styled and modern.

    For some reason, my favorite part about this post was your choice of bling. I totally love those rings you’re sporting! The gilttery detail if the silver is awesome. Not too plain-jane, but very off the normal. :-) I think it emphasizes the Chun-Li look you mentioned.

  10. Pat Hernandez

    You’re pretty as always! I love you whatever your hairstyle is! <3 Anyways, what do you call that type of Balenciaga bag? It is kinda big. Hehe :)))

  11. Honey Lyn

    I love you Camille with bangs or without bangs (teka! naka-side bangs pala hindi without bangs. naku. bad honey. hahaha!)

  12. kriii27

    Was wondering before if you look good without bangs but you look great :)) hehehe. You should try posting your pictures on tumblr!
    -Kriii x

  13. Dheya Suzuki

    hi, Miss! can I get your number? haha. oh God. Ate Camilleeeeeeee! you’re so gorg forever. bet na bet ko yung 1st, 2nd, and 4th picture. is this recent? your hair is getting long na. are you planning to cut it again or ipapahaba mo na siya like before? =)) and ang cute cute cute po yung pag peek ng ears mo through your hair. :D

    and for the outfit, I really have a soft spot for anything that is denim. that’s why I so love your top here. it’s like you can pair denim with everything. it’s so versatile for me. and your skirt is the bomb. but I don’t think I have the guts to actually wear something with a very bold print like yours. haha. and those heels look so sexy tho hindi naman skinny yung heels niya. :D and I thin it’s the first time that I saw a Balenciaga bag like this. I always see kasi yung usual like nung red mo po na Balenciaga. :)

    basta Ate kahit ano pa hairstyle mo it doesn’t matter ’cause whatever you do with your hair, ang pretty mo pa rin. ;)

    • Camille Co

      I use this yellow one a lot! Ang dirty na tuloy. :( and yes, I agree! Denim is super versatile :)

  14. carmin

    Hi ate cams! I’ll just ask po, aattend po kasi ako ng close up forever summer. It is stated that it is a beach party! uhmm so I was thinking of what to wear, ask ko lang po if may sand po ba dun? and is it okay to wear skinny jeans+cropped top? or maybe a wide white pants(like one of those pants that you wear on the beach) . I don’t have the guts to wear shorts/skirts because I have many scars on my legs po. So just asking if I won’t look stupid if I wear those.

    • Camille Co

      I don’t think they’ll be putting sand there. :) For your pants, I don’t think white is a good idea because if you get wet, they’ll become transparent. :)

  15. Anne

    Team bangs and team no bangs. Haha. Ah basta I’m Team Camille! Love either way and besides you’re pretty in both hairstyles. ;) I love the Phillip Lim-inspired comic book skirt. I first saw prints like that on a DIY clutch I saw over the internet. I love the way it catches your attention in just one glimpse!


    • Camille Co

      Ohhh that must’ve been cool! DIY bag! :) Thanks Anne! Team Camille is the best way to go LOL :)

  16. Tasha D.

    looove the side view shot! Perfectly arched heels and pasabog behind! Lavet!
    Ass > boobs! ALWAYS! haha!

    You have na the Chanel Boy Bag!!!!!!! Parang may green part sya sa gitna? Ganun ba talaga or filter lang yun? Did you buy it sa trip mo to HK? What else did you get? Excited to see that beauty here in your blog!

  17. Sephie Rojas

    Red-headed Chun Li! \o/ #pow Haha! Parang The Voice lang, pwedeng Team Bangs one day, pag naeliminate, pwedeng mapunta sa Team No Bangs :)) Either way, you look great :) Bangs are reserved for lazy days where grooming your eyebrows is such a pain in the butt :P #TheBeautyofBangs

  18. Vina Guerrero

    With or without bangs, you still look beautiful!! <3 Love your skirt so eye catchy and it showed your figure well! :)

  19. Jheanna Lou

    For me no bangs is good with fun outfits. But i think full bangs is your signature look. Whenever i see chinita girls in full bangs i always remember you :) I love you skirt! ♥ mwa!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Jheanna! :) I knoooow, people associate me with bangs all the time!

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