When I first started blogging, never did it cross my mind that I would get endorsements and features because of it. I don’t really post a lot of them here but whenever I do, they remind me of how blessed I am to have worked with all these amazing brands, people and publications.

Here are a few of my favorite campaigns and features released recently.


This campaign was for Pandora which was shot months ago. It was my first time to wear Pandora’s jewelry and to see them up close. Obviously, it was love at first sight.


I think it’s a great fit. Pandora’s designs are always so elegant and feminine. It’s an honor to work with them!


If you pay attention to my sidebar ads, then you’ve already seen this one. I’m happy to announce that I’m officially a Facial Care Center endorser! Woot! I used to just see Facial Care Center ads on billboards and print featuring their beautiful endorsers. I looked up to a lot of them! I can’t believe I’m now part of the family. Now, my skin is pampered and taken care of by the best


Yes, you read that right. It’s a #Beautiful list featuring seven individuals who embody beauty both inside and out. When Chalk Magazine first contacted me for this feature, I was beyond surprised. Never in a million years did I think that I would be included in a “beautiful” list.


As seen on Chalk Magazine’s October issue. I really can not believe it. Until now, I’m still all giddy/kilig looking at this spread. Me? Beautiful list? I mean, ME?!?!?! Thank you Chalk for including me in this list. I’m honored. Beauty isn’t generic. Beauty is about substance.


Here’s another feature on me and my style, alongside my fellow blogger and friend, Patrish. This was published on Metro Society’s September issue with Michael Kors on the cover. FYI, we were shot separately. But how cool is it that our photos are mirroring each other?


The feature includes a few of my favorite things, most of which you probably already know. I hope you can grab a copy of this issue as well! Some stores still have it.

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  1. mieljianne

    Hi Ms. Camille! Truly blessed! I love your photos with gold belt. Goddess it is! Ms. Camille since you’ve worked with Pandora, may I know if you have an idea on how much it costs to have a simple Pandora earrings? Or just a simple charm bracelet in silver only.

    • Camille Co

      Hmm if you look at my Pandora bracelet in one of my outfit posts, that cost around 20k. It depends on the charms you use but I think you can get one at around 4k up? :)

  2. Christine Koay

    You look gorgeous in the Pandora campaign, Ms Camille! Congratulation on all the features and endorsement.. they choose you because you really put effort in your blog and you’re truly a style icon! =)

  3. maebs

    CONGRATS po ate cams. :) you deserved all of it because you are beautiful inside and out. You inspire me on what would I do everyday and even sa studies ko you are one of my inspirations. :) #moreandmoreblessingstocome

  4. Yanshi

    All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS!!! You truly deserve all the blessings you’ve received and those that are still coming :)) You’re very talented and I think you’re a great person :) You’re an inspiration to many (including me) and you’ve always made us, your readers/fans feel that we’re important and appreciated. Thank you and i wish you all the best :) More more blessing pa hihihi <3

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Yanshi! :) I hope so! I’m lucky to have readers like you guys!

  5. Lourine

    You really are blessed! More blessings to come. Hehe. Is it unbelievable that you’re beautiful? Hey. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. All caps. Haha.

  6. Kyla Tan

    We both look up to Kate Middleton! And I look up to you as well. Thank you so much for everything that you do and teach me here, Ms. Camille. You truly deserve every success! I know that blogging may require you to share much of your life with us, but by the love of fashion, you still do it! I just want you to know that your influence in my life is eternal. So many people make me dress up a certain way for them, but you taught me that I should dress up to express myself. You taught me what true beauty is. Thank you so much, Achi! I hope you never stop blogging and guide me my entire life. What a blessed time in history, really: To have YOU.

    • Camille Co

      Awww thank you Kyla! This is so touching! :) Readers like you make blogging all the more rewarding :)

  7. Rachel

    you deserve everything.. keep inspiring others ;)
    I’m super inlove with your style.. you’re my Chiara Ferragni asian version.
    More powers to you.


  8. Nory Anne Carpio

    Yey!! Thank you so much Miss Camille. I dont know what you did but viewing your site using my phone is so much easier now. The pictures load so fast. No more unloaded images. Weeeee..

    And congratulations to all of your achievements. You really are blessed and you deserve it. :)

  9. jhay-cee

    Congratulations Miss to all of your achievements.
    One thing you have to do nalang is to have a book like Tricia did. Im sure maso-sold out agad yun. :))

    More blessing to come.
    We will support all the way.


    • Camille Co

      I’ve been approached long time ago but I don’t know what to write pa :) Maybe next time :)

  10. Ruth


    Na-intriga tuloy ako.., YOu seem such a girly nice person.. i think mabait ka sa personal at kalog din :)

  11. Tasha D.

    Love your dresses! Especially the white ones! The gold belt and Pandora accessories made it look even more beautiful! Where is it from? Did you make it?

    • Camille Co

      No :) The gray one is by Sassa Jimenez and the yellow one is by Eric Delos Santos :)

  12. Loren

    I’m so proud of you Cam! I’ve been a big fan since my freshman year in high school! I’m glad that you’ve accomplished so many things. Keep moving forward. :)

  13. Riva Shane Bunagan

    I am a late bloomer and having you as one of my life pegs and by reading your blog, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve gained confidence and I’m loving it. You are an inspiration to us!

    More blessing to come your way Ms. Camille.


  14. Mai Pascua

    Hi ate Camille. Ang ganda mo po. At saka, I bet, ang bait-bait niyo po. Beautiful inside and out. Cliche as it sounds, it’s true. More blessings to come po! I love you po. <3

    Is the magazine still available at the bookstores?

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