Class Act


For the working girls, here’s another business casual look for you. If you want to be taken seriously at work, you have to dress the part. Agree? But in order to do so, there’s no need to break the bank. Get resourceful. Look for stores that sell fashionable clothes at an affordable price, like Details!


Don’t just limit yourself to stores that specialize in corporate wear. Stores like Details are great places to scout for clothes that are appropriate for both work and play. This way, you get the most out of your money. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what to wear to a party after work.


Invest in separates you can easily mix and match with other pieces, no matter what the occasion. Take my houndstooth top for example. It’s in a classic print and color so it’s easy to style. At the same time, it’s an eye-catching piece that can spice up your work wardrobe. Bonus points because it even has cute little ruffle details on its sleeves.


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Details earrings


Details top


From Vietnam cuffs Forever 21 bracelets


Details pants |


Balenciaga bag Alexander Wang heels

74 Responses to “Class Act”
  1. Christine Koay

    You look so classy here, Ms Camille! Love this outfits.. i really love the houndstooth top.. i think it will look great in pencil skirt as well.. and you look so tall here.. the illusion of the pants.. =D

  2. MizzJ

    Love that houndstooth top! It would be great to see what other ways you would style it, perhaps with something colored?

  3. Yanshi

    You look a lot taller pa because of your pants hihihi :)) Ganda the top and ganda you as usual hehehe :)) Side bangs is <3

  4. K

    I love your style! Sana kaya carry ko dn magsuot ng ganyan. Maliit lang ako eh :(

    • Camille Co

      I think around 1k if I’m not mistaken. I’m so bad with these things. I keep forgetting! :)

  5. Sheng

    This kind of pants makes you tall. Love it. Thank you for posting corporate clothes. While reading your blog my boss saw it and she had the idea on what to wear next week. Haha. I though I’d get scolded :p

  6. philip

    Gorgeous ! Beautiful earrings ! And you look pretty sexy in those pants, Camille :-)
    The Wang heels are stunning on your feet, as always !

  7. Naaj Rona

    I love the pants. The wide leg makes you look tall and is great for petites and skinny people. It’s nice when you can transform a work outfit into a night out.

    Love the design of your earrings, very pretty

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

  8. Sephie Rojas

    Them earrings… @_@ I’m nor one to normally flock towards dangled earrings since they can get super heavy when I wear them, but these are so cute! o__o Makes me wanna get one since it’s in black anyways :)

  9. Lovelight

    Hey ate Cams. Just curious, heavy ba yang bag mo cause marami ngsabi na mabigat dw yang that kind of balenciaga bag? I really love the black,white, and red combination.

    • Camille Co

      I don’t find it heavy. Baka kasi I’m used to heavier bags so magaan na ito for me :)

  10. Dilek

    You look exceptionally classy in these photos. I especially love your blouse. If I can find a similar fabric, I’ll definitely sew myself a similar one. I guess I should be saying thank you for the inspiration. ^^

  11. Vina Guerrero

    i need those pants! :O haha! btw, i browse your lookbook earlier… parang d ka tumatanda! yung hair lang nagbago :)))

  12. Ren

    Grabeee! ang tangkad parang si daddy long legs. haha, I can see those AW babies rock again!

  13. Lourine

    I remember that you wear Details’ dress on a wedding which you designed the entourage? Ooh. So they are not only good on dresses but some other pieces too! :)

  14. rosevic gonna do this look when i go back to work..hmmm but i think i need to make diet muna kasi i gained weight because of pregnancy..haha hope you remember me ms. camille (kasi ikaw pinaglihian ko sa first baby ko..haha) oh i just love you… :D

  15. denisevhianca

    Nakakainsulto naman tong post na to ate. HAHAHA! Kasi ang tangkad mo na tas nagmukha kapang matangkad huhuhhu i crie loljk. Great post!! YAY NO BANGS, HI FOREHEAD :)

  16. Anne

    You looked taller Cams. Although I know you already are. 5’7″ right? :) Loved this look. Hooray for the working girls! More please? Hehe… And your bangs!!!! Sidepart suits you well. Ano ba yan everything suits you well. clothes, hairstyles, shoes. lahat na! IKAW NA!

  17. Mai Pascua

    Wow. How does the illusion work? You look so tall. Oh yeah, and you’re so lovely. :) <3

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