Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles Part 2

We’re now on the second part of my collaboration with Lenovo for my Lenovo x Camille Co Chronicles. If you’re not familiar with this project, I urge you to read all about it here. In my previous post, I’ve already shown you the design I came up with–a fully beaded lace gown with a low cut front and back. Here you’ll finally see how my design came out and how Joseph (@negapark on Twitter) and I chose to shoot it.

While reading all your suggestions for the shoot, we noticed how a lot of you imagined the editorial to center around either an enchanted theme or a high-fashion/glamorous setting. So to surprise you, we decided we’d go the unusual route–something you won’t really expect from us, especially me. I hope you like these photos! To me they look a little romantic and creepy at the same time. How about you? Can you help me think of a title for this series? What’s the story behind it? And most importantly, what should our artist and third collaborator  Valerie Chua (@vinylrain on Twitter and @valerieannchua on Instagram) add to the photos? What type of illustrations should she add to the mix? Sound off below! Remember, by the end of this project, our team will be choosing one lucky winner among you guys. You might just win your very own Lenovo Touch PC if we feel that you have contributed to this project the most. You may also tweet your suggestions with the hashtags #Lenovo and #CamilleChronicles. Time to get creative!

Photos by Joseph Pascual Gown by Camille Co

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  1. Catherine

    This is absolutely stunning!! The intricacy really catches the eye and the flow of the overall outfit is slightly soft and feminine but it doesn’t feel overly girly.

    Thankyou for adding my blog into your circle on Google +
    Your blog is a gem!
    Much love Cat.

  2. Meggie

    Hi Ms Camille, I love your designs. Do you still design for bridal entourage?

  3. Aurélie

    Stunning dress and beautiful model too ;) Love the pearls who looks like falling water on this mairmaid style and how you highlight it with the purple makeup and blue nail laker. (Well your hair also but it’s not made for this shot :p)

  4. Christine Koay

    This is such a gorgeous gown, Ms Camille! Love the beads details.. Sorry, I did not contribute anything on the design or anything.. :-( I love how romantic yet creepy feel at the same time..

  5. robby

    very beautiful dress. and some of the ideas in your design shine! you mentioned Valerie Chua, I’m wondering if this is from the same designer too.

  6. Grace

    I love the forest feel of your photo shoot. I like the idea of a carpet of flowers that you stand on, as tiny forest animals like rabbits sit at your feet. In a far corner, a deer patiently waits for you. On you head would be a crown if butterflies, like queen of the forest. Beside you, a sawn off tree stump for a table, with your bridal bouquet and an hourglass to count down time to the wedding.

  7. Yani

    Hi Miss Camille! I have read this first from Miss Valerie’s blog. Your gown is just perfect. Since you’re a red-head and your gown is white, Miss Valerie might add on her art an emboss part where you can be studded. Or she can add more small pieces to your skin and amor to the environment. Every ideas here just sound perfect but actually common. Since you thought of not the usual of your style, things might get easier with that idea. Not the usual. Nowadays, people are finding unique things that lasts. As Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” The idea of eternal is pretty too. You are existing or continuing for ever. An idea of fall too is nice, you Miss Camille and your gown would fit to it. With more nerdy art from Miss Valerie and perfect angle of your photographer. :) Hope that really helps! xx

  8. Roxy

    Stunning and glamorous as ever!!! I so love you talaga. Hihi. <3

    My time now to get creative!:

    1. Para syang hopeless romantic cursed Princess waiting for a prince charming to rescue her. Parang rapunzel na kinulong sa castle because of her hair. But this Princess is stucked in a hidden island na may cave. At kinulong sya because of the gems na nasa gown nya! Haha. May special powers kasi.

    I would love to see some glow that transcends from the gown tapos medyo magiging darker lang yung view. Parang malapit na matapos ang sunset. Or make the stones look like a cave tapos add some stalagmites. Tapos may mga drops of water sa floor.

    PArang feeling ko mas maganda na dark lang talaga yung background para yung kayo po Ms. Camille and the gown ang focus. Pero maappreciate pa din yung galling ng pagkaka-illustrate.

    2. She is a wicked witch in the forest. She allures men searching for the treasure sa forest or yung mga mangugubat trying to destroy the forest. Mabibighani sa kagandahan nya yung mga treasure hunter or forester, tapos parang lalamunin sila ng forest and yun ang dahilan bakit mas magiging powerful and beautiful sya.
    I think ang magandang illustration dito ay parang mga taong turned into a tree. Or mga taong nadikit sa stones tapos trapped with vines. Tapos parang magakakaron ng evilish spark sa mata ni Ms. Camille with matching glow ng hair.
    Oh ha! Parang may kasama pang environment campaign! Wag sirain ang kagubatan kung hindi, lagot kayo kay Camille!! HAHAHAH

    I think it will be a great leap from cutesy to wicked. I would love to see that from you Ms. Camille :D God bless :D

  9. Christine

    The gown, the hair, the make-up, the nails and the background reminds me so much of the little mermaid and her tragic love story.. I love it!!

  10. Joan Macawili

    I remember seeing one of Valerie’s work on Ava,on which she used gold to embellish her painting. I think it would be nice to do that again for this piece. Or perhaps instead of gold she can do silver. Maybe she could outline the flowers with silver or gold, or maybe add little gold or silver buds.

  11. Joan Macawili

    I’m thinking valerie would do this with her signature flora and fauna, so maybe she could go with a unicorn and roses.

    The unicorn, a mysterious and elusive mythical creature, would be a great addition to mirror that romantic mysterious (cge na nga, creepy, lol) vibe you’ve got going. Maybe instead of a white one, she could go a different color, like grey or purple maybe, so as not to take the white away from the dress. She could adorn the unicorn with similar trimmings of the dress. She can also add roses and thorns, red and luscious ones around you. I think it’s the perfect flower to suit the editorial’s mood. Just like the emotion you are showing in the pictures, roses are gorgeous and yet they are prickly. Plus, the roses would complement your hair color. :-)

    I would love to see greens, blues and purples added to the mix. But in subtle hues, so as to keep you and the dress the focus of the piece. Would love to see what colors valerie would come up with.

    For the title, I would suggest Thorned Bride (parang corpse bride lang, lol). Story behind, you are a woman forced to marry, to do something against your will. In your wedding dress, you look glorious but defiant. You are about to marry but in truth, you are not ready to open yourself up to that part of life. Parang single woman not ready lang ang peg, hahaha.

    • Camille Co

      Ooooh I can totally imagine it! Very clearly! :) I like your idea as well!

  12. Aaron Domanais

    Pahabol pa, haha.:)

    The title, it can be “Enchanted” or “The Garden Gown”

    So, the story behind the project, it goes like this:

    When she was still young she loved to go to the garden in the middle of the forest where she and only her mother knew the way to, pick some flowers and go home to do chores with her mom.

    While she was cleaning with her mother, she stumbled upon a box, she wipe off the dust and opened it, it contained a white dress. She approached her mother and asked about who owned the dress. The mother said it was her old wedding dress, and her favorite, she wore it to every single occasion that she thinks is very special. The mother knew her daughter is trying hard to act as if she doesn’t like the dress.

    When her daughter’s eighteenth birthday came, her mother gave the wedding dress for she knew her daughter loved to have it.

    Soon, her mother died. She remembered about cleaning her mother’s room and discovering about the dress when she was young, so, she did it once again, trying to reminisce every moment with her mother.
    She got the box of the dress given to her on her lap and opened it, she noticed that there was a piece of paper under the dress, she read what it says, “My daughter, please take care of this dress I have given you, wear it to every special occasion, and When my heart beats it’s last one, wear it every time you miss me” she broke down to tears.she kept on reading “go to the garden where only the two of us knew, make sure no one is following you and may enter it too, do it before a day of a special occasion”

    She fell in love with a man and decided to get married. The night before the wedding, she wore the dress. She decided to go to the garden. As a gift, she poured her mother’s scent into a small bottle, picked her mother’s favorite flower and jewelry.

    She started walking to the garden, while walking, she felt strange, she has a slight feeling that someone is following her. she remove her shoes and started running carrying the white dress and her gift to her mother. She noticed that the person she was trying to get away from was her fiancé, but no one is allowed to know the route, so she kept running but the man won’t stop following her.

    As she enters the garden, she fell down and dropped the gifts, she got up and saw her fiancé enter the garden, there was a very bright light, then all the trees that encircles the garden fell, it revealed the beauty of garden.

    But, the daughter was gone, her fiancé saw nothing but her wedding dress.
    the dress, it was different.
    The dress smelled so nice, so white, but it doesn’t smell like that and now, it has beads all over it and a flower, yes, a flower in it’s middle.

    THE END!

    So yep, The story was inspired by the gown and some of my imagination with Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck Commercial. you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woiScNulLyE and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkkY2iaylmI and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vj3YhYrULo
    and her song, Haunted: http://cfn.groundctrl.net/clients/taylorswift/media/05/13/large.75s751u70gl1.jpg
    and Enchanted of course:

    The gifts of the girl (the girl will be ate camille, right? :D) to her mother is her SCENT, the FLOWER, and the JEWELRY. Pretty much is the detail of the gown you made, but the SCENT thingy, i think you look so mabango, haha, ano daw? nakakaamoy ba ang mata? AHAHAHA, the FLOWER thingy, is silver thingy detail and the JEWELRY thingy is the beads of the gown. YEP, that very bright light made her gone and made the gown more beautiful.

    If you have a second time around to shoot, you can do the running part of the story in a place behind SM Fairview, behind it’s parking lot, there you will find Commonwealth Hospital and behind it is Neopolitan Park, it has an arch with bougainvillea vines, beside it ate camille can run away from the camera of kuya joseph, while facing at it. (lol, do you get it?)

    And yeah, Ate valerie’s part:
    She can draw watercolor flowers around you, but to emphasize the story, it has the fading effect or like some parts of the flower’s petals are dying, and she can add vines to it too, maybe she should make the image have a vintage feeling, plus, a watercolor flowercrown will do too. ♥

    That’s all. :)

  13. Pogs Idolor

    I think it will be pretty rad if (Ms.) Valerie were to add another girl on the picture; sort of like an alter ego or reflection of you. And flowers/petals that seem to wrap around you or envelope you to emphasize your curves and your dress haha. Cool colors for the background and elements that’ll make you look like a “diwata” will look pretty good as well, I think :–)

  14. Cristine

    I’d name this “Scarlet” and I would like Valerie to either make the dress more grunge (add a bit of wounds too!) or make the sky darker (night time with a full moon).

    An eerie setting is bound to have an eerie story! I hope my story interests you! :)

    It was an evening of festivities when the guy you’ve been gushing on, finally approached you and asked you for a dance. You felt ecstatic – what more could a girl want? After the dance, you decided to leave with that guy… and then suddenly you woke up and felt that something was wrong.. very wrong.. you suddenly realised that you’re in a graveyard. Natural instincts would kick in and you pushed the coffin hard, it sprang open and you started searching a way out. It had dawned on you on why you were there in the first place, when suddenly you hear someone behind you, you turn around and see your crush holding a shovel, full of blood, and heard him say, “Hi again, Cams”.

    (Story short, it was the other way around, the guy was the one obsessed with you. He wanted to keep you away from other guys hence the killing.)


    • Camille Co

      KALOKA! Suspense thriller pala!!!! How will I sleep soundly now?! Haha! Thanks for this suggestion Cristine :)

  15. Nessa

    Ang ganda ng gown mo. You made this right? You’re such a great designer. All my pegs for my wedding gown are all on this dress! Grabe :) And you look stunning with your hair and makeup too!

    BTW, I contacted Chiqui as I’d like you to design my wedding gown next year. It’ll be Dec 19, 2015 pa though :) I’ll setup a meeting with you very soon.

  16. Mark

    wow you look so amazing nice concept, nakaka inspired ka tlga camille :) sana maging model din kita someday :)

  17. annn

    Hi!! I like your photos. :) anyway, i think valerie should create something like your pet?

    A. White horse sana pero parang cliche. Very furry white cat or wolf with long fluffy tails, or an ugly bird, tas yun pala yung sinumpang prince/groom. (Char!)

    Or di kaya may parang still water somewhere tas nanoon reflection ni groom kasi parang sinumpa din sya or either the two of you yung sinumpa tas water lang yung way para mka communicate.

    C. Or pwede din yung face ni groom nasa rocks na nandyan sa likod mo. Parang abstract sya. Same story sa letter b.

    D. Pwede din parang my storm or kaka-storm effect tas nandyan ka fresh,walang dungis bride. Hihi. XD

    • Camille Co

      May sumpa pa! LOL! :) Parang mahirap si letter B. C and D is very doable! :)

  18. Maica

    Hello Ate Camille! Why not try to convert it into black and white photo? That will even more add the creepy looks on your background, and try to look for more branches on the tree and pose right there. Your vintage look will surely match on it. Or try to use Cinestyle settings in your DSLR camera that you are using if you have one. It will help you to achieve the vintage color that I think suits the most for your pictorial. :) Or get a bit of inspired by the music video of Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound, from her OST of Hunger Games Movie. As for the title~ I think “Mystique in Forest”, is a bit catchy enough? I hope so. :) Hihi. Goodluck to you Ate!

  19. maebs

    so stunning! Aphrodite ikaw ba yan? so sexy. i think this year, you will post more sexy outfits :)

  20. ren

    that is one creatively made gown! I honestly thought it’s “delicate” or the beads would easily fall off by a light tug in the shoulder area but it looks great :) when I first saw this I thought about maybe adding woodland creatures, haha, like a white horse beside you or a white deer with pretty antlers. I imagined this look to be a wedding shot for animal lovers, i dunno why. but maybe add animals (the tame ones) oh and pretty flowers like all over your feet! :)

  21. Kim capeña

    Pang ANTM na ang pose! Heheheh! First time seeing you with sooo much cleavage. Hahahaha. Sexyyy hot and georgous! :*

  22. johannie

    -i can imagine this photo as runaway princess trap and finding her way out of the huge eerie “Multicursal Maze” (meaning, a maze with branches and dead ends :D).

    LOVE the dress and the creepy setting it adds to the atmosphere.. LOVE all the details..Superb !!
    More power Ms.Cams :))

    • Camille Co

      Ooohhhhh. I’m loving all the suggestions you guys are giving! Thanks Johannie! :)

  23. kaye

    my suggestion would be an elegant witch..its eerie but pretty ;) i have been reading so much about witches lately, that’s why..like something mysterious, a little bit scary but still enchanted and beautiful..remember julia roberts in mirror mirror??kinda like that but add a little bit of intimidation..keep up the good work!!!

  24. carizza

    Wow. Super High Fashion. Parang pang ANTM ang mga poses mo Ms. camille. Parang na envision tuloy kitang sumasali don. :)

  25. Adet Alferez

    “The Tryst”

    Lame title. But that’s what came to mind really when I first saw the pictures. The hair, the location, the moss, and the color of the photos. plus that second last photo (right one) feels like you just came from running and waiting for your lover to come. like he’s gonna sneak in to you any moment and you’ll be wandering somewhere else. it’s forbidden. hahaha!

    i don’t have any idea with illustrations but maybe she could come up with some imaginary guy because Lady Camille thinks there really is someone (because she doesn’t wanna end up with the guy she was supposed to marry). the guy could just be her IMAGINATION, or in her DREAMS, or someone REAL, just as long as there is a guy somewhere. HAHA!

    looking forward to Valerie’s illustration! :)

  26. Cath

    Hi Camille, On your way to show something unexpected to us, I bet you, you succeeded! I’m amazed on the idea and the outcome. I suggest, Valerie Chua should add some mythical illustrations on this, something that is very Filipino (for a change). I think a “Maria Makiling” or “Engkantada” theme will be unusual and unique.

    I am a huge fan of yours and read your blog religiously! (I just can’t resist to comment it here. Haha!)

    • Camille Co

      Oohhhh That’s something new! Thank you Cath! I hope you keep reading my blog religiously!

  27. denisevhianca

    The gown is beautifully done! And it fits to the background!! Perf :)

  28. Kat

    I think it’s my first time to see you in low cut front! Suits you! Though you will always be the sophisticated-girl-in-backless for me :)))

  29. Jenina Cruz

    love this Ms. Cams!:) dis reminds me of the shoot you had with Preview mag :))) but this time your not on a tree hehehe and as usual you look like a goddess fall from the sky <3

  30. anaivilo

    Camille, you look amazing in that dress! I bet you felt like a princess : )
    And your hair goes so well with that blue shade! :D

  31. Marj

    Hi Miss Camille! I love your hair..! :) in fact, I love everything about you lol you are so classy & stylish.. I hope to see you this Sinulog!

  32. kaye

    you look like the witch (not the bad kind though) in the movie the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. its part of the narnia chronicles..pretty, good witch ;)

  33. Jhai

    i love your hair! bagay sayo.. and the gown… ugh speechless.. ang galing mo talaga!!! princess mermaid..

  34. Camille

    Hi Ms. Camille,
    Warm Greetings from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
    I love the wedding gown, it is very elegant, classic and absolutely modern, it a slightly reviling gown.
    It’s more noticeable If you hold a bouquet of flower so that I will justify your gown is a wedding gown.
    Hair style- big curly hair, with glitter, sparkle effect.
    Make up – also add some shimmering silver on the corner of your eyes.
    Thanks and best regards.

    • Camille Co

      I like the fact that it can be a wedding gown but at the same time, it can be a normal evening gown as well :)

  35. Ayra Micaela Elloso

    Omg! This is love, simple yet eye-catcher. You’re so pretty Ate Camille. :)

  36. Reena

    “Spirited Away”. :) Like the Japanese film. It’s like the girl is suddenly transported into another world and she has to find a way back.

    Btw, I LOOOOVE the effect of your hair color. :)

    • Camille Co

      Oh no more next one! :) I meant for Valerie’s artwork for this set :)

  37. Bettina Bacani

    The gown is absolutely beautiful! Definitely did not expect you to shoot somewhere sort of rugged. Very lady-in-the-forest-slash-runaway-bride, I think :P Gorgeous! <3

  38. Linda

    Woah, I wouldn’t have expected the pictures to come out so beautifully. You, especially, look stunning. Like a fairy or a nymph. <3

  39. Sherl

    Hey Camille,

    I absolutely love your style and your designs are so chic. This dress is absolutely gorgeous! You’re one of my favorite fashion bloggers.

    p.s Do you have any blogging tips?

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Sherl! Hmm blog about your passion! If you’re making a blog that’s more visual like mine, invest in a quality camera :)

  40. Anne

    The only one missing is the groom. Where is he Cams? Hihihi. Superb shots and the photography is divine! Even your hair amplifies the beauty of the pictures. I’ve seen Valerie’s works and I would say I love the soft colored artworks most. They look like watercolor to me but I’m not sure. Nonetheless I think adding other nature elements like petals and leaves would make everything come together. However a little eccentricity would be nice. So a little snow and snowflakes here and there could do it. It would be like spring and summer all together. Enchanting but a little unique? Ooopsies I think my idea’s a little bit on the cray-cray side. LOL. ;) Anyway, nice job everyone!

    By the way if I were to give it a title I’d say… “Whimsical Eccentricity”


  41. Patricia

    OMGOD how come you have cleavage?? I thought you were not gifted sa boobs department <//3

  42. cagalli

    The Desert Rose.
    It was a story of the heir of a dynastic power somewhere in a land of crystals and gems-Africa.
    Each beads picturesque the numbers of blood shed by the local miners, and the light from the rosette gypsum conceals the reality from the eye of the heir.

    >>This is my story for that piece ^_^
    Congrats Mr. Pascual. You made the best photos of Camille in this dress.
    To, Ms. Camille, this one was definitely an escape from your previous photos. An item for ANTM. Congrats.hehe

  43. Lourine

    Very unexpected. Hmm. At first I think that it will be a runaway bride tapos dyan sa place napadpad. Then what? Parang wala na.Ang tragic naman. So I think of the title “A Twist in Time” or “A Twisted Tale.” The creepy, romantic place can be the perfect meeting place of a man from the past and a woman of the modern era since modern naman yung style nung gown (the gown looks better pala nung suot mo na. segway. hehe) A love story from future and past that happens in the present. Pinanindigan na ang pagiging creepy. Tapos the illustrator, Valerie, can do the magical effects. Geez. This is so surreal. Hehe.

  44. Ren

    This one’s looking romantic filled with mysterious inside that can’t be tamed! haha ;)

  45. Sharon Wong

    Stunning as always! Really beautiful dress. You look like a goddess, and I think it suits you really well.
    Can’t wait for more outfit posts! :)

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