Surprise, surprise! I’m in another black and white ensemble. And as usual, I chose the color red to break the monotony. I hope you’re not tired of my black and white OOTDs yet. I seem to be wearing a lot of them lately. This one in particular was my outfit for Goody’s Come Play event last month, which is why (if you noticed) I put a little more effort on my makeup and hair. I even put clip-on hair extensions and curled my hair! I’ve been so obsessed with finding the right hair extensions for me for quite some time now actually. They always add that vavavoom factor whenever hair stylists use them on my fine hair during shoots so I wanted to have some for myself. You know, just for malling with friends and casual Sundays at the park. LOL! Just kidding. But seriously, now that I finally got myself these hair extensions from Luxy, I’m trying my hardest to resist the urge to wear them to just about everything!

If you ever want anything from Luxy as well, make sure to use my coupon code LUXYCAMILLECO when you checkout to get a special discount.

Luxy hair extensions | Top stolen from my sister (har har) | Romwe skirt Chanel bag Alexander McQueen heels

52 Responses to “Origami”
  1. Molly

    haha “top stolen from my sister”. I never thought you also do that since you have huge closet (for sure). Me, I love to that to my Mom’s closet (share). :)
    Anyway, I love the whole outfit!

  2. maebs

    love seeing you in black and white ensemble ate cams and I will not get tired of seeing you in that ensemble :) I thought your hair grows longer yun pala hair extension po yon. haha! miss your long hair. :)

  3. Maica

    I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at your OOTD’s! Love your style! It’s so versatile that whatever it is you wear suits you well! Mapa-fierce or cutie style man, it really suits you well! Love your elegant look here! :)

  4. Katrin

    Wow, good thing the extensions match your hair color. I seriously have a hard time looking for those coz of my unpredictable hair color. Hahaha Anyway, nope! We will never get tired of your Black and White ensembles! I mean seriously? Why? Hahaha I don’t think there’s enough reason for us to get tired to any of your looks and besides, B/W never gets old! Hihi

  5. Michaella

    You’re absolutely right ate camille! Your red heels really did break the monotony. :) It really did add some spice with your outfit. Your hair extensions too were really made for you. harhar :)). It really blended with your hair color :) Hindi siya halata unlike other brands of hair extension na parang halata na kinabit lang because of the texture :) WAY TO GO ATE CAMILLE!!! SUPER LOVE YOU

  6. Clariss

    Oh please ate cams, all your fans will never get tired of your ootds kahit paulit ulit ng color or whatever :) too bad i wasn’t able to attend :( ((well better luck next time for me))

    I didnt noticed that you were wearing extensions, it suits your hair so much and looks natural!

  7. Anne

    Black and white never grows old Cams. As Coco Chanel puts it, “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” It’s a classic so I’m sure no one grows tired of it. Yes? I really like the pattern on your top paired with your solid hued origami skirt. :)

    Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles

  8. Sibyl

    I love the whole look!

    OMG! I MISSED YOUR BLOG! It was literally a month after I’ve visited your blog! because of school works and whatnots! but I’m glad I’m back and ready to fangirl :DDD

  9. Rocel Dana Alulod

    I love the skort! :D perfect for you :) and your hair, instant DYOSA !:)

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