Let’s Play Pretend

I feel like this is how an artist is supposed to dress. You know, that artist who’s always inspired and oozes with creativity no matter what. Maybe a painter. Or maybe a poet. Funny how we’ve all built and fallen for  stereotypes that we instantly conjure up images of a person of a certain background or profession. Which one do you think came first? The person who the stereotype was based on? Or the stereotype that the person just comfortably fits into? It’s like the proverbial question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. Both answers are correct. Both equally debatable. This is what happens when I actually have time to really think about things. Philosophy comes knocking on my door, even on a Sunday. I’ll spare you the back and forth my brain is doing right now and just focus on my casual ootd from when I did my #StartMoNa challenge instead. I wanted to be in comfortable clothes so that I can thoroughly enjoy and bond with my differently-abled friends more. A simple shirt and jeans kind of outfit from Freshgear seemed to be the appropriate choice. And since it was raining and I recall being kinda sick that day, I threw on a jacket as well for good measure. If I remember correctly, both the jacket and shirt are actually from Freshgear’s men’s section. (*Waves the imaginary flag of androgynous dressing.*) I finished off my look with accessories from one of the latest Spanish brands to hit our shores, called Uno De 50. Little trivia, Uno De 50 got its name because they only produce 50 pieces of each design, all handcrafted in Spain. Cool, right? Totally what an artist would wear, don’t you think? Another stereotype right there!

H&M hat | Uno De 50 earrings, necklace and bracelets Freshgear denim jacket, shirt and jeans 3.1 Phillip Lim bag | Miista shoes

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  1. jeanne

    I love your ootd’s!!! and super love your blog. What camera do you use? – fan from Japan

  2. Cristy

    This outfit is sooooo me, except the shoes,that’s too edgy for me hahah! I don’t think I could wear it comfortably. But the shirt, jacket and pants ooohh! Love them!

  3. Kaye Alid

    Hi ate cams! Merry Christmas! :-P I noticed that you changed your hair’s color it looks great! :) your look is effortlessly perfect!

  4. Mary Ann

    Hello Miss Camille!
    I’m done with my review classes and board exam, and yay I’m an engineer now! :) I can focus again on reading your blog everyday!
    Anyway, I like how you pulled off that casual look. You still look classy! And the fact that you wore those, so you could comfortably blend in. Coz I know everyone would agree that you really stand out a lot and even more with your fashion forward clothes :)

  5. Armyn

    you still look classy and elegant even though you’re wearing simple clothes :) love your cute hat can I have that? for free? ’tis the season for giving naman eh hahaha :D ^____^v

  6. Angelic Robles

    To answer your chicken-before-the-egg-or-vice-versa question, I think it was the stereotype that came first…

    But stereotypes or not, your look is definitely urban-streetwear, Miss Camille. I saw a mix of these pieces along with other fall-weather clothes online in a collection of overseas back-to-school trends and autumn wardrobe suggestions. The play is so versatile, because I saw it as a straightforward look at first glance, but I payed attention to the different silhouettes in your poses. What gave this look a touch of glam is the shape of your dark jeans. The denim looks casually worn, (or vintage-feel. I’m sorry, I only learned that term this week! :-P) The cut is crisp, and it made for an under-the-radar statement that’s in no way overlooked. :-D

    Lo, and behold on your striped shirt too! Stripes are my latest style craze, so my collection of striped tops is slowly increasing. I like that little patch of fabric on yours. Is it a pocket? It made the discontinuation of red and white so cool! I especially like how it made your look bounce out of the ‘just basic’ box. The shirt itself has fabric that falls very nicely on your last photo. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with androgyny! You have a good eye when it comes to mixing such silhouettes with feminine fits. Even your jacket is an awesome find because I adore the simplicity of it. I’d give you a bright flashing ’10’ on a scoreboard.

    The bling you’ve got on is a gamble on the ‘scene’ type look. Chains and beads aren’t the normal combination, but I applaud that arm party! It’s what reminded me of your words on artist- dressing. If you’ve seen the movie, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the artist leading lady Clary Fray wears a similar combo. I also liked how your went from chunky to thinner on the jewelry picks. Your thicker necklace balanced off with your roundneck collar and then your bracelets formed a patterned cuff set off by your black jacket.

    Wish you heard me squeal like a piglet over your satchel bag. I love it! I will hunt it down. :-D Then I got to your shoes and and just lost it! I’s too late to put them on my Christmas wish list!

    Put this outfit on your ‘model-off-duty’ list of looks too! :-D You look like you’re on your way to New York/ Paris Fashion week for the show lineup.

    • Camille Co

      I loooooove how you described my jeans! Totally made me want to buy another pair LOL! :) Thank you Angelic! You really have a way with words!

  7. Kyle Rodriguez

    I loooove this outfit! Very ‘casual chic’. I really like that blue bag of yours *drool* <3 I had to stop and ponder for a while about that proverbial question of yours… My answer would be that the person came first, and that's where the stereotype was created and based on. Haha talagang sinagot eh noh? I figured it was probably rhetorical but I couldn't help myself. My brain is so pumped on Sundays haha!

    It's interesting to know why the brand is called "Uno de 50". I didn't know they only produced 50 pieces of each design!


    • Camille Co

      Haha! Your brain is pumped on Sundays? You should be resting on Sundays! LOL :) Thanks Kyle!

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