Dreaming of Mykonos

I may be dreaming of winter and cold weather dressing from time to time but it doesn’t mean I’m not thankful to live in the Philippines–where pristine beaches are abundant and summer practically runs all year round. Just 2 weeks ago, Nivea whisked me away to nearby Balesin where I got to pretend I was in Mykonos during summer time, basking under the sun. It was the perfect escape, with just the sand and the sea as my partners in crime.

SM Accessories hat Soak Swimwear bikini | Forever 21 buttondown blouse Style Moi skirt Vince Camuto sandals 

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  1. Chantel

    I am a Big Fan of Balesin, how ever it is a Member thingny…And i cant affort this time coz i search for it i will need 4 million to be a member…Are you a member now? By the way your so beautiful and sexy on this post…Miz u…

  2. Katrin Tuano

    Wow!! It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Santorini or at least Thunderbird resort in La Union muna haha And it’s so cool there’s another Greece themed resort in Balesin. Too bad nga lang, I don’t know anyone who’s a member :( Love how you matched your nautical outfit to the place. Everything is just so pleasing to the eyes! ♥

  3. Clariss

    This wasn’t the first time that you’ve been in Balesin right? :) I’ve always wanted to visit this place ever since you first posted a blog from balesin. The place looks so magnificent and if ever I’ll go there I’ll feel like I’ve visited numerous countries in just one place! So I did research back then and sadly it was only for members, and membership cost millions :( huhuhu. Are you a member there ate cams? Is there any other way to visit balesin aside from being a member and getting invited to events? LOL

    your outfit is super duper great! really suits the place and that skirt is so unique!!! :)

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Clariss! Yes I’ve been to Balesin before. I don’t think there are other ways to visit Balesin aside from knowing a memeber. :(

  4. Cagalli

    You need to be a member to go there, right? I read features in the internet that membership fee costs at most 4M (at least 1M), is that true?=(

  5. Emafe Rice

    So magnetizing.. It’s such a beautiful place. I’m always excited whenever I see your newsletter in my email. Thanks for another great post Miss Camille =)

  6. Keith Abados

    We have the same dream! I want to go to Mykonos, Greece too! Balesin does quite look a bit like Mykonos tho :D i love your outfit! :D

  7. Mary Ann

    Looking really great with that summer outfit! :) Did you get swim wear endorsements Miss Camille? Coz you should have :) You look great with swim wears coz you have a great body and legs. Dont mind the cup size, they look normal to me. Besides, having big boobs will make one look like a calendar girl. (no offense)

  8. Ylenia

    Oh Mykonos is perfect with it’s white and blue façades and stunning beach! You did a wonderful job making the most out of the gorgeous backdrop to shoot this photos :)
    Ambitieuse Paris

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