As much as I love soft and silky clothes like these, I can’t help but think they’re only for women who are as poised and graceful as the greats, like Princess D, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, to name a few. Because no matter how perfectly pressed they are when I step out the door, they always end up wrinkly by the end of the day. How do these women do it?!! It baffles me really. But then again, I can’t resist wearing them because they exude laidback sophistication–and that’s not a usual combination to come by. Must I just stand still the entire day or just welcome these imperfections with arms wide open? I say the latter. Lord knows I can’t keep still.

H&M blazer | Mango blouse | Romwe skorts | Saint Laurent bag Jimmy Choo heels

58 Responses to “Grace”
  1. Katrin Tuano

    I’m not a fan of the color green but this look made me rethink. I guess, you should just know the right patterns and colors to match it, right? Haha anyway, don’t worry about those imperfections. You know what they say, “Don’t judge me, I was born awesome, not perfect.” But even so, we love you with all those imperfections anyway ♥

  2. Naomi Pam

    Hi po ate camille! I noticed you wear sheinside and romwe pieces recently, uhm when you get their clothes po is it delivered to your house or do you pick it up in the post office? ^_^

  3. Clariss

    Hahaha the struggle is real in mainting our poise! Love clothes like this! You should add yourself to the greats list actually!

  4. Vianney

    I, too, is curious how the greats do it!
    Shizz this outfit is classy and at the same time laidback. I’m loving olive because of you Miss Cams ♥

  5. Charleen

    Is that olive? because if it is then.. Olive you. HAAHAHHAHAA OKAY CORNY TAMA NA
    Cheesy line aside, gorgeous as always! Haha, naabutan ko po yung mommy ko binabrowse yung instagram nyo sabi kayo daw gayahin ko, kasi ang gandya nyo magsuot, sexy yet conservative. :)

    • Camille Co

      HAHAHHAHA! OMG bentang benta sa akin! I shall steal that phrase! :) Thanks Charleen! And to your mommy :)

  6. Mary Ann

    The heels! Sana nga may mga fabric na soft and at the same time wrinkle-free :) Coz It will make a woman look more classy. Sa pagsuot pa lang, di maiwasan yung wrinkle. Di bale Miss Camille, more than the clothes, you are naturally classy :)

  7. Kate

    LOVE the skirt/shorts!! Gorgeous and completely elegant.


  8. KimClaire

    I agree, Ms. Camille. Konting galaw, malulukot,pero keri lang. Haha. Sabi nga sa All of Me,”All your perfect imperfections.” :D

  9. Anne

    Well said Cams! I love this color combo. This shade of green isn’t really a thing for me but I’m reconsidering. Especially after seeing you pair it with Marsala in your previous post, they are Granny colors no more! :) Oh and I really love this hair color on you. Of all the hues you’ve tried, this has to be my favorite!

  10. Sonja

    Gorgeous combo Camille! I love that the sleeves of the shirt come out of the blazer and your shoes are so pretty!

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