Valentine’s Day Tips

There’s no escaping Valentine’s day. You’re bound to see flowers, chocolates and hearts everywhere you go. So whether you’re single or in love, why don’t you hop on the bandwagon and celebrate it the best way you can. There’s no use in trying to fight it. It is after all, at the heart of it–a celebration of love, all kinds of love. It’s not just for couples, it can be for friends, siblings and families too. So here are my suggestions to help you make your Valentine’s day awesome. Nothing fancy. Just simple things you and your loved one/s can do. (If you’re in a relationship, you can easily put a romantic spin to these activities.)

  1. Start the day right. Surprise your loved one/s with breakfast in bed or even with something as simple as a sweet handwritten note. Big or small, it’s up to you!
  2. Do something you and your loved one/s have always wanted to do but never had the chance to. Today is about making time for that.
  3. Try something new together. Doing things together for the first time is a fun way to strengthen your bond.
  4. Make it a no-gadgets day. This day should be all about enjoying each other’s company, without 21st century distractions.
  5. Make it personal. If you’re exchanging gifts, add a personal touch to it. Write a short letter on why you chose to give him/her this gift. Take this opportunity to express yourself more than you usually do.
  6. End your day by telling each other what you love the most about him/her. Actions may speak louder than words but sometimes, you need to hear these words too.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Don’t be grinch and spread the love!

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36 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Tips”
  1. Krizia Pearl R. Beringuela

    By the way Ate where did you buy that outfit. It is so cute

  2. Ericka Garcia

    Love the tips! :-) Love the outfit too! Belated happy Valentine’s day, Ms. Camille! :D

    Ericka Garcia

  3. Krizia Pearl R. Beringuela

    You are so amazing ate Camille. You are not just a wonderful designer/model/blogger but a wonderful person. No wonder a lot of women look up to you.

  4. Katrin Tuano

    Hi Camille, fyi, you’re not single. You’re in a forever relationship with us, your fans. Hahahaha we know how much we love each other right? Hahaha we’ll prove to the world that forever is possible talaga. OMG I sound so obsessed LOL Anyway, belated happy valentine’s day! ♥

  5. maebs

    happy valentines day ate Cams. :) ang ganda po ng caption mo about sa Macaroons. tawa po ako ng tawa. :) your so witty. :)

  6. Mary Ann

    You should have posted more photos of your outfit Miss Camille! I super love your pantsuit and you look beyond gorge and sexy (I saw it on instagram). You are just so ahh, even words aren’t enough to describe. Hope you’ll have a good valentines date with your family and friends. Mind if i ask if your family still practices arranged marriages? It’s because you’re Chinese and still don’t have a boyfriend (although I’ve read on your comment that you’re quite choosy :D). I’m just curious.

  7. Anne

    Every Valentine’s day, my sister and I would make a surprise breakfast and a special dinner for my mom and dad with matching cards and flowers. It was really fun and cool to do and it has become a family tradition since we were young. Looking back, I think my sister and I crashed my mom and dad’s Valentine’s every single year. Oopsies! It was fun though. Hehe.

  8. Ylenia

    This is a great post! One should definitely try to have a positive and lovely day, regardless of their relationship status! There’s so many types of love and I don’t think the romantic type should be the only one celebrated in this day :)
    Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow!

    Ambitieuse Paris

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