That Perfect Little Something

It’s official, folks. Summer has arrived, at least for those of us who live in the Philippines. It’s been getting hotter and hotter each day, I feel like I’m melting like ice cream. So how do I keep cool? I turn up my AC, wear the thinnest clothes and… make myself the #PerfectCoke.

What’s the #PerfectCoke you ask? It’s coke that’s chilled to 3 degree perfection. It’s super easy to make actually. All you have to do is fill up your Coke barrel/cooler with lots of ice. Place your Coke inside the barrel and wait a few minutes for your drink to cool down to 3 degrees.

You can sing, dance or do whatever you want while you wait. Whatever floats your boat.

Once your #PerfectCoke is ready, share it with your friend to make it even better!

Trust me, you’ll feel like you’re drinking Coke for the first time! I sure did. It’s one of the few things that’s keeping me sane under this crazy heat. In fact, I’m too grateful to this tiny discovery I’ve decided to make today’s #ootd Coke inspired.

Mango denim jacket H&M top Sandro skirt | Moschino bag | Vanilla Suite shoes

Make your own #PerfectCoke at home and let me know how it goes! Post about it on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #PerfectCoke.

52 Responses to “That Perfect Little Something”
  1. Maica

    While I was browsing your blog, specifically this one, my crush told me that you grew chubby but in a good way he meant. He said that you look much beautiful when he saw your picture here from which I totally AGREE! :) You looked so giddy holding up those bottle and and you looked so bright! By the way, I kind’a sort of hate him because he told me that during his internship, he had seen you in Nivea Event that they had cover from which it totally made me super envy~ XD Lucky him though! I want to see you too someday! Haha :)))

    • Camille Co

      Haha! That’s so funny! Thank you Maica! :) Don’t be jealous, we’ll see each other too <3

  2. maebs

    Love your coke inspired outfit. :) your so stunning. :) I remember I had my name and my besties name doon po sa share a coke. :)

  3. Katrin Tuaño

    Oh noes! How cute of you to take an outfit inspiration from coke. haha I really can imagine how good perfect coke is but alas, I cannot try it for I refrained myself from taking any junks and sodas so maybe next time :D I super love your shoes!!! ♥

  4. Clariss

    “I turn up my AC, wear the thinnest clothes” <— omg saaame! I better start making myself a perfect coke hahaha :)))

  5. Lea

    I really looove your style Ms. Camille! I’m inspired by your daily post on IG.. I will be a forever fan! Promise

  6. Lea

    I really loooove your style Ms. Camille! Whenever I have no ideas on what should I wear, I just look at your IG account or blog and I’m already inspired! I wil be a forever fan! #promise

  7. Lyn

    Hi. Luv ur blog & ur sense of style. Am a fan of yours & been following ur blog for quite some time now. Pls check ur fb. I have private message u. Thanks!

  8. Kim

    Hi Camille, is that Coke cooler available on the market? Where can we get our hands on one of those? :)

    • Camille Co

      Not so sure but if it isn’t, any other cooler is fine :)

  9. Rich

    I love those gold shoes….they go so perfectly with your red dress !

  10. Mary Ann

    Sana ikaw na susunod na coke model sa mga commercials nila Miss Camille!
    Yah, i so love how you themed your ootd for this post, so cute! :)

  11. Brian

    That perfect little something called smile. Gorgeous ate camille! Please follow me back at instagram as @briandemotica pretty please? Iam indeed a fan of yours.

  12. anne-marie

    I love your top, your skirt and shoes
    this is a beautiful set

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