Summer Freshness

Time to go bright and bold! Summer is all about mixing and matching colors and prints so if you’ve been taking note of the tips I’ve given you so far, you’re all set! But if you need a bit more style inspiration, check out my latest style post below.

As you can see, my top, pants, bags and shoes are all in different colors. Usually, too many colors in one outfit can look messy and tacky. But if you have one common aspect or element tying them all together, then everything will match perfectly. In this case, what keeps my outfit cohesive is the bold black lines present in my top, pants, bag and shoes. It also helps that all of them have some sort of a geometric element to them. It’s all about finding a common denominator. Hopefully, this simple tip of mine will help you go out of your shell and experiment with prints and colors more.

Chanel earrings | Topshop top Femmex trousers Givenchy bag Shoe-Nga flats

39 Responses to “Summer Freshness”
  1. Clariss

    another styling tip from you! haha :) you also have a black version of this givenchy bag right? or am I mistaken hahaha

  2. maebs

    thank you for this tip ate cams. Going to try this one :) super fresh lang po ng aura mo sa photos :)

  3. Maica

    Your attire literally screams “FRESHNESS!” :) That outfit is badly needed this summer. :)

  4. Nica Eleazar

    Hi, i really love your instagram feed. What camera are you using? Hope you’d reply

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Nica! For my IG, sometimes, my iPhone, Xperia, Sony A6000 cam, or Canon 5D Mark iii :)

  5. Regine Villanueva

    Hi Ms. Camille, I really like your tips and thanks for those tips that will pretty sure it’ll really help me in mixing and matching up colors and yah! ;)

  6. Brian

    Stunning as always. That’s the best description that fits in. Keep safe noona vesratile camille!

  7. Mary Ann

    Another very helpful tip Miss Camille! :) I always take note and try the fashion tips you give and I really agree on most of your fashion combos. Not to flashy, just the right spice to make every ootd stand out. Thanks a lot!

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