Summer Getaway

How’s your summer so far? It seems like everyone is going on trips these days, myself included. For Holy Week for example, I went on a staycation in Tagaytay with my family. As soon as I finished my shoot and meetings last Holy Wednesday, I grabbed my medium-sized duffle bag from Punchdrunk Panda plus a bottle of Coca-Cola that’s chilled to perfection and off I went. It was just a quick out of town getaway. Everyone’s been super busy, it’s the only thing we could squeeze into our schedules.

Oh well, summer just started anyway. There’s still plenty of time for more trips and adventures. I actually have a list of fun things I want to do this summer, just to remind myself to take a break and make the most out of the season. It goes something like this:

1. Travel abroad (with my handy Punchdrunk Panda passport wallet), somewhere far far away and just escape for a bit.

2. Go on a nature trip like trekking or boating.

3. Hit the beach with my blogger besties, #PerfectCoke in hand, music on full blast.

4. Learn a new sport.

5. Explore a new city within the country.

I wanted everything to be doable so it’s a pretty short list. Considering how busy I am, it’s the perfect list for me. How about you? What’s your summer wish list?

Details top BCBG skirt Acne Studios shoes Punchdrunk Panda Mimosa bag and Mimosa passport wallet

43 Responses to “Summer Getaway”
  1. Gee

    Wow! I love your shoes! And I never thought someone can possibly wear a printed top and a printed skirt at the same time. Only you can mix and match an outfit very well!

  2. Clariss

    OMG this wall again! haha I also love taking photos here lol :) I really love your shoes here

  3. Katrin Tuaño

    All hail the print on print queen. Yes, I envy everyone’s who’s going out of town while I’m here super busy with work. Haha I hope to squeeze in some summer activities before the season ends. I always wanted to try trekking in Mt. Pinatubo and chill in Puerto Princessa because of your travel diaries. Haha :) PS: I installed snapchat because of you and your blogger besties. You’re like the most adorable people ever! ♥

    • Camille Co

      Yay!!!! :) Hope you enjoy our snaps! :) Thanks Katrin! Make sure to take a break too!

  4. Maica

    Love your candid Shots! So adorable! <3 I think mine is horse-back riding. I've really wanted to do that since when I was a kid. :)

    • Camille Co

      I used to do that whenever we went to Tagaytay when we were kids! :)

  5. Luisa

    Wow Ate Camille.. You are smiling in all the photos. super duper cute! :)

  6. Mary Ann

    You are so cute and beautiful Miss Camille! I love this black and white ensemble. Prints on prints but not heavy to look at. Just the right elements to complete a summer ready outfit! :)

  7. Kate

    Love the outfit but also couldn’t help noticing that you were right by my house! Haha what a small world we live in.


  8. Rica Marie

    Oh my! I agree with Kaye, I think it has something to do with your beautiful smile that I rarely see before :) plus the innovation of trying a different hairstyle. :) You will always be an inspiration :)

    best regards,
    Rica |

  9. Charleen

    Your latest blogposts shows your blooming face talaga. Love the shoes!

  10. Aisha

    Super chic monochrome look with a pop of red from the coke bottle! Totally love it! I hope you keep updating us on your summer to do list as the summer goes on!

  11. Anne

    You look so pretty Cams (as always)! Those shoes look divine. It’s totally something I would wear myself. :) My summer wishlist? Redecorate my room aka paint and DIY projects, Tagaytay trip, picnics with the family and Bloggers United 9! It’ll be my first BU kung sakali. Ang layo kasi ng Cebu…

    • Camille Co

      Sounds like an exciting summer! Hopefully, I’ll see you again at BU :)

  12. Kaye Alid

    You’re getting prettier every blogpost!!!! LOVE THE OVERALL ENSEMBLE :)ADN THE SHOES THO! *.* LUV THE simple look!

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