One of the many things I’m proud of as a fashion blogger is how a lot of you, my readers, tell me that you got inspired to dress the way you want to dress because of my blog. It wasn’t my intention to do this when I first started blogging. Heck, I didn’t even know it’s possible for me to inspire someone through something as simple as this. But through the years and because of the memorable conversations I’ve had with some of you, I’ve come to understand the power of fashion when it comes to changing one’s life. It’s simple really. It basically boils down to you being able to finally embrace your individuality through your style. In many ways, you’re celebrating YOU.

This is why I’m happy to share with you SM Accessories’ #CelebrateMe campaign. It’s all about celebrating who you are. In this campaign, you are not invisible. SM Accessories sees you, celebrates you and thanks you–whether you’re experimental, quirky, fierce, wacky, posh and more. Join the movement by posting a selfie of yourself with the hashtag #CelebrateMe. You can even include the hashtag #SMAccessoriesCastingCall to get the chance to join Anne Curtis on her next SM Accessories campaign shoot. Hurry! Deadline for entries is Sept. 30, 2015.

14 Responses to “#CelebrateMe”
  1. anonymous

    I’ll celebrate you by raising my glass (healthy fruity blend), and play a song of your choosing :)

  2. Bunny Jane

    Hello Miss Camille! I really love your fashion!!!!! <3 <3 and your blog is so amazing!

  3. Dana Mae Alulod

    Yes, Indeed we are really inspired to dress because of you :) We Love you Ms. Camille!

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