My outfit makes me want to gather up my girls and call for a spontaneous dance session in the forest–complete with bongos and ukeleles. LOL. Although to be honest, I can probably never be a hippie in the truest sense of the word. I’m too dependent on life’s excesses and rules. I can be a free spirit once in a while but then reality reels me back in. Oh well, I guess I’ll just settle with borrowing inspiration from them and letting my inner hippie shine through fashion.

Peace, hope and love, everyone!

SM Accessories earrings |Mango necklace | Mango blouse |Mango knitted vest |Mango skirt |Mango bag | Gianvito Rossi mules

32 Responses to “Hippie”
  1. Ariane

    I know this is an old post but im really tRying to catch up because i was addicted to your IG and Youtube posts, I forgot to visit your blog for qyite some time. I THINK EVEN UNTIL NOW, THIS LOOK IS AWESOME. I wanna buy similar ones.👍👍👍👍 this could also be worn at Coachella.SLAAAAAAY!!!! QUEEN!

  2. crystal

    thats one psychadelic chic outfit..and i love it..im glad i found your site, its has become my fashion directory.

  3. Dilek

    I am also not cut out for the hippie life lol. ^^ I love the outfit though. I am so into long vests these days ^^

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