VLOG: Hello Youtube!

This has been months in the making which is why I’m more than excited to finally launch my first ever Youtube video as a vlogger! Woohoo! Yes, Camille tries to vlog now! I’ve already shot a few videos with my team, the awesome Exposure.Ph and we’ll slowly upload them in the coming weeks so please make sure to subscribe to my channel and help make my Youtube world a fun and loving environment. This channel aims to promote positivity, may it be through hair, makeup, personal stories, fitness and more so I hope you enjoy my vlog!

P.S. Feel free to suggest topics you want me to vlog about. I’d love to hear them!

42 Responses to “VLOG: Hello Youtube!”
  1. Mhaica Lee Cerdeña

    Hi Camille! Haha. Can’t wait for another post for your Vlog :) Hope you can share your recent playlist or even your favorite songs! Hahaha (and maybe you can sing along with it) Hahaha love you!!!

  2. Sara

    Congrats Ate Cams for your new Youtube channel! Mas magiging close na tayo! Lol haha! I’m excited na we’ll get to see more of you sa vlog posts mo 😋❤️.

  3. Kay

    Waaaahhh!!! Are you going to “vlog” your trip in Paris last summer? You should have started vlogging na pala before in the peak of your travels last year! I’ll definitely repeating most of your travel videos for sure! Hahaha! Though, kinda concerned with your App? Nakalimutan mo na ata hehehe! Congrats Cams!

    • Camille Co

      Oh yeah that would’ve been nice but I didn’t plan on shooting travel vlogs yet at that time. Don’t worry fixing something new for my app! :)

  4. Reuelle Alexis

    YAAAAAS!! I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw this. Congrats on entering the world of vlogging. I’m already looking forward to what’s coming next. Subscribe button already hit. :3

  5. lexdhee

    Yay! I’ve been stalking (avid reader) you since 2012 and this is my second comment ^__^. I’m really glad that I could watch you at the same time listen to your voice Ms. Cams.
    Grabe, I’m excited and soo Kilig to watch you.

  6. kathe

    awesome !!

    i suggest that you should do a video of the process to create one of your beautiful gowns the design process and then the creation of it


  7. Kevin

    you always come up with witty titles. i love it. (straight guy, reading your blog)

  8. Clariss

    OMG!!! Finally! Been waiting for this haha! I’ve been such a silent reader but omg I just camt help getting excited bc of this ate cams! You’re so cute in the vid haha specially your face in the “personal stuff” haha! Subscribed! And good luck to your next vids! Gonna wait for it! :))

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