Start Fresh Like Me

When I first started this blog, I never knew this simple passion project of mine would be able to inspire other women–especially young girls and teens. Nevertheless, it’s now one of things I value the most–to be able to touch their lives in my own little way and maybe guide them to reach their goals somehow. This is why I am proud of this new campaign I’m part of. Meet your Lactacyd Teens Start Fresh Ambassador–“Ate” Camille, at your service!

The Start Fresh campaign by Lactacyd Teens is all about living life with a fun and confident attitude while still pursuing your passions. It’s about making the most of your teenage life by being who you want to be and letting go of all the unnecessary drama and worries. One of which is worrying about the changes in your body brought about by puberty, particularly getting your period.

As teenagers, you’ll have to start dealing with things you’ve never experienced before, like odor in your intimate area and that icky, sticky feeling that comes especially when your monthly visitor is around. Obviously, soap and water are no longer enough for your intimate hygiene. Using water alone does not cleanse thoroughly while soap can contain harsh ingredients, leaving your intimate area more vulnerable to odor-causing bacteria. So what’s a teenage girl to use? Lactacyd Teens, a feminine wash specially made for teens. It provides triple protection from odor, discomfort, and stickiness. But at the same time, it’s mild and safe enough for teens to use everyday because it’s made with natural and milk-based ingredients like aloe vera and rosemary.

Girls, remember, for you to #StartFreshNow, you have to feel good both inside and out so it’s important to know the right products to use to take care of your changing body. Take a look at the story of Jade at Girl Talks facebook page, for example. (Watch episode 1 here and episode 2 here.) You can surely relate to her! I even joined in on the mini-episodes and played her older sister, Ate Camille. Jade’s story reminded me a lot about how my own sister helped me through the changes I was experiencing. I remember when my first ever monthly visitor came, I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was fighting with my mom then with all my teenage angst so I was feeling extra dramatic. I told my sister all tragically even with a few tears, teenage drama series style, “Achi! I hate my life. I think I’m even about to diiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee.” She then proceeded to lecture me (while chuckling over how clueless I was) and taught me life lessons, just like how I did for Jade.

Follow Jade’s story (and my lack of acting skills) on Watch out for my own episode as well as I share tips for teens and talk about how I myself start fresh. Don’t forget to “like” the Girl Talks page, join in on the #StartFreshNow conversation and submit your own Start Fresh statements to get a chance to win a group date with a Candy Cutie and a feature in Candy Magazine too!

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