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Don’t you ever wonder why you feel so refreshed and recharged whenever you get out of the shower? I mean, you’re really just cleansing your body and getting rid of dirt but it feels as if you’re washing away all your stress and worries too. And just like that, you’re reborn and ready to take on the world. This, for me, is precisely the reason why it’s important to start fresh. It has the power to make you feel confident so that you can start your day right. Now tell me, who doesn’t want that?

Because of this, I wanted to share with you my start fresh essentials–teen edition. I’m sure most of you ladies in your 20s and 30s already have your start fresh essentials kinda sorted out so I figured this post should be dedicated to those teenage girls who still need a little bit of guidance on this aspect. Yes girls, Ate Camille is back, at your service!

To keep you fresh all day everyday, here are my recommended must-haves.

1. Lightweight Foundation. You’re a teen so the less makeup you use on your face, the better. To keep your look natural and fresh, just use a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer (which I personally use for my everyday makeup). This way you’re able to look flawless but at the same time, your skin is able to breathe and keep its youthful glow.

2. Lightweight powder. Mid-day stress and sweat messing up your look? Don’t fret. Just dab on some powder and you’re good as new!

3. Mascara. Skip the heavy eye makeup. Just apply some mascara to prettify your eyes. Great lashes can do great things.

4. Cheek and lip tint. I used tints all the time when I was in college. I had no clue how to do makeup so lip and cheek tints were my best bet. They’re easy and convenient. Rosy cheeks and kissable lips in an instant!

5. Lip balm. There’s nothing fresh about dry and chapped lips so make sure to moisturize them.

6. Perfume. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or strong. Just a light, feminine scent that will keep you smelling good the entire day.

7. Oil blotting paper. My savior. My hero.

8. Hair accessories. When the day’s stress and windy situation isn’t helping, keep your hair away from your face to keep you looking picture-perfect.

9. Mints. Fresh breathe all day long. Is there really any need to explain further?

10. Lactacyd Teens. You don’t only have to look good on the outside but on the inside as well. As I’ve mentioned before, your body is experiencing a lot of changes which may cause discomfort, stickiness, odor and more so make sure you use a feminine wash that can fight all these. Lactacyd Teens is made with botanical extracts & milk-based ingredients that are not only safe and mild for daily use but also formulated especially for teenage girls like you so you’re in good hands!

There you have it! This sums up my start fresh essentials. I hope these recommendations help you in some way or another. For more of my start fresh tips and most especially, tips on feminine care from the experts, make sure to head on over to and Remember girls, don’t let anything stop you from being your most confident you! Actually, since I’m already in “Ate Camille” mode, why don’t I help you a bit more with this and give you a chance to win the most important item on my start fresh essentials list!

Get the chance to win a package of Lactacyd Teens bottles by sharing with me your #StartFresh goals. Just complete this sentence: “With Lactacyd Teens, I can now _____________. #StartFresh” Submit your answer in the comments section below, together with your name and email address. Your #StartFresh story doesn’t have to be related to using Lactacyd Teens. It can be anything that embodies the concept of starting fresh on a new phase of your life. Take inspiration from Jade, my “little sister” from my Lactacyd Teens Start Fresh Campaign, for example. (If you haven’t seen our videos, watch them here.) If she were to join, she’d probably say something like,“With Lactacyd Teens, I can now be confident to ask my crush out to our school dance. #StartFresh”

Contest ends on October 31. I’ll be announcing the winners on the comments section below as well. Good luck!

35 Responses to “Start Fresh Essentials + Blog Giveaway”
  1. Jane Sabio

    Hi ate Camille, can I still get the prize. Someone just emailed me on your behalf.Thank you.

  2. Camille Co

    The winners have been chosen! If you joined this giveaway, make sure to check your emails! :)

  3. Floren Sabio

    With lactacyd my confidence boost more cause I walk with a fresh feeling everyday.

  4. Kathleen Joyce Carmona

    With Lactacyd Teens, I can now face my problem with a smile even though it’s somehow hard. #StartFresh

  5. Lorna dela Cruz

    With Lactacyd Teens, I can now be as free to dance all day long, take hiking on mountain on weekends and be actively feeling fresh whole day in doing my study + work. #StartFresh

  6. grace gabriel

    With Lactacyd Teens I can now be confident to walk around with a smile on my face and also chin up

  7. Brenda

    “With Lactacyd Teens, I can now flaunt my sexy legs with my new mini skirt in this coming costume party without any hesitation”. #-StartFresh

  8. Rue

    With Lactacyd Teens, my confidence bumped up and I can now strut down the runway of life worry-free and with grace. #StartFresh

    You look really great btw. :-)

  9. Hannah Samson

    With Lactacyd Teen, I can now confidently compete with my other classmates in to top 5 of our class and be happily to make my senior year memorable by helping & being the leader of all the group activities. I am now self-assured that I can pass the entrance exam and shun all the negative thoughts that’s running on my mind. #StartFresh

  10. Kay

    Camille!!! You can act ha?! Naks! So natural! I like it when you said “OA ha?” Hahaha! Ate na Ate lang ;)

  11. Barbie Cue

    With Lactacyd Teens, I can now be on the go without worries in my head. Perfect for every use. #StartFresh

    Thanks for sharing po! :)

  12. Barbie Cue

    With Lactacyd Teens, I can now be on the go without any worries in my head. Good for any type of day. #StartFresh

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Xavien

    With Lactacyd Teens, I can now boost my confidence little by little when it comes to being more vocal and carefree wherever I go. Mostly I will be more positive and bright in facing the tasks everyday so no more “nega-xavien” who would rather let things go without doing something satisfying. I hope to be more happy and enjoy my teenage days while I’m still at it. Starting fresh is definitely a go-to for all the teenagers out there who sometimes feel uncomfortable. #StartFresh

  14. Irish Jane Tabaco

    “With Lactacyd Teens, I can now be comfortable, and feeling fresh to teach my Japanese students online. #StartFresh

    domo arigato gozaimasu Camille san, You’re forever Gorgeous! ;) Kiwotsukete! (Take care)

  15. Dexie Sario

    With Lactacyd Teens, I can now be confident enough to face my professors during recitation. #StartFresh

  16. Elizabeth T.

    This is definitely a very thorough list of start fresh essentials :) Even as a girl in my early 20s, it’s great to see a post like this because it never hurts to keep these in the back of my mind <3 Thank you so much for sharing Camille!

    XO, Elizabeth

  17. Abby Pangilinan

    With Lactacyd Teens, I can now have more self-love and be more confident in my own skin! #StartFresh

    Thank you ate Camille for this giveaway! Super cute dress btw 😍😙

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