The Art Of Coffee

You can never fake good coffee. Creating the perfect cup of coffee is an art that requires a certain skill set and precision–one that British coffee chain, Costa Coffee, understands.

Infused with Costa’s own unique blend of coffee called the Mocha Italia  (a combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans), every cup of coffee served by Costa is handmade by only the best baristas in the industry, rigorously trained in various Costa Coffee Academies in the world. You see, Costa take their coffee seriously. They even employ Master Genarro Peliccia (who at one point had his tongue insured at GBP 10 million) as their official Coffee Master just to ensure that all 3000+ Costa cafes around the world serve coffees that are consistent in taste and aroma. Now that’s quality coffee. That’s the kind of premium coffee I wouldn’t mind having every single day. Good thing it’s finally open here in the Philippines. With branches at Eastwood, Robinsons Ermita, BGC and more, I don’t have to travel far just to get a taste of British cafe culture.

P.S. I can stay here forever too, by the way. I mean just look at how cute the interior is!

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    • Camille Co

      Thanks! They’re by Katie Judith. I bought them at Hong Kong’s I.T. store :)

  1. Anne

    My sister and I have been so engrossed with the UK for the longest time…me thanks to Harry Potter and my sister thanks to One Direction. Hahaha! We went nuts when we heard that this cafe was opening in town. The coffee’s great, the interiors are lovely and look at that red phone booth! You look bloody British in that outfit too Cams. Ganda!

  2. April Marieson Fuentes

    Wow! No need to go abroad. Perfect flavor of a coffee is serve on this cafe ♥♥

  3. maebs

    I can stay in that place for how many hours. ☺ I’m a coffee lover din po eh.

  4. Elizabeth T.

    Aww this coffee shop looks so cozy! :D I agree – a good cup of coffee can never be faked! I’m a huge coffee lover myself, and it’s always so nice to find a nice cozy spot where you can get a good drink <3 Loving the photos, Camille!

    XO, Elizabeth

  5. Dexie

    You can’t say it’s British without the telephone booth. Hahahahahaha.. Love the outfit Ate Cams. =)

  6. anne-marie

    it’s very hard to find a good coffee
    when I travel abroad, it’s worse
    Turkish coffee, I like
    the worst:
    – Coffee in Guatemala, it is HORRIBLE, undrinkable, I asked the guide why? she said, all the good coffee export share
    – American coffee (USA), in French, we say ” du jus de chaussettes ” (the socks juice) :D
      the best :
    – Coffee in Italy
    – Coffee Cuba

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