Back At Jardin Du Luxembourg

As tempting as it is to wear a fancy dress and shoot all dramatically at the grand Jardin Du Luxembourg, it’s not exactly the most practical thing to wear when you’ve got a full day of “touring your sister around Paris” planned. Yes, I’m still at it–still playing tour guide to my sister because it’s her first time to see Paris. So what’s a girl to do? Bring them trusty old sneakers out and let my inner Sporty Spice take over Posh Spice, just for a little while.

Chanel earrings Styligion jacket | Mango cropped top | Zara joggers | Céline bag Nike sneakers

20 Responses to “Back At Jardin Du Luxembourg”
  1. Hana

    I love your Céline bag! Which size is it? Btw, you totally pulled off the sporty chic look really well!

  2. Elizabeth T.

    Loving this sporty chic look so much, especially the shoes! :D I just got a pair recently, and I can’t wait to wear them too!
    Haha and aww that’s so sweet of you to play tour guide to your sister :) I’m sure you two are enjoying Paris! The photos are stunning! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

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