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Some of you may know that my first foray into the world of fashion isn’t really through blogging. It was way back in 2009, when I, together with my sister, launched the then ready-to-wear fashion line, Coexist, through the now extinct online platform, Multiply. It was a small project with humble beginnings but it’s really what catapulted me to where I am now. This is why I’ve never underestimated the power of the digital world, it’s where everything started for me and it’s still the platform I choose to use the most. I am, however, no big shot success story like the winners of the recently concluded Bozz Awards arranged by PLDT Smart SME Nation.

In partnership with Rappler, Voyager, Ideaspace, Bloomberg Philippines, Uber, Takatack and Airbnb, PLDT Smart SME Nation established Bozz Awards to recognize small to medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) who have displayed excellence in technological innovation and digital integration. It’s the first ever social media crowdsourcing search of its kind. From hundreds of nominees, the top 15 were chosen to be finalists, with three finalists for each of the five categories–namely Boss for Mobile Readiness, Boss for E-commerce, Boss for Social Responsibility, Boss for Social Media and Boss for Customer Service. Winners got to take home the Bozz Award designed by Kenneth Cobonpue himself and a full-powered Smart Enterprise Biz Kit. Finalists didn’t go home empty handed though. They get to join the winners on a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive tour to the world’s melting pot of technology, Silicon Valley.

Most of you probably heard of the finalists before. Brands like Kim Store, Messy Bessy, Rags To Riches, Happy Skin, Jason Magbanua ring a bell? I wish I can enumerate all of them but I’m afraid this post might get a bit too lengthy. Their success stories are all remarkable though. Hopefully, through the Bozz Awards, more Filipino SMEs embrace technology-driven platforms and become digital. Let the winners and finalists inspire us all. I know I am.

14 Responses to “Bozz Awards”
  1. maebs

    Next time po ikaw naman ang kasali diyan sa awards. Congrats po to all of your success! (Hindi nalang po -1 fan ako ) from 0-infinite nalang po ang limit ko to be one of your fans :))

  2. Brenda

    Ate Camille, thanks a lot for the giveaway package from Lactacyd. Didn’t expect this much. God bless you more! 💚

  3. Anne

    The digital world is indeed a very powerful thing Cams! I mean from the stories of bloggers and Youtubers themselves, one cannot expect that what used to be a passion and hobby thing has become careers today. Besides, you can never discount the role of social media in helping bring brands closer to people. I love the trophy too! You can never go wrong with Kenneth Cobonpue!

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Anne! :) I agree. The winners are no bloggers or youtubers though. They’re all entrepreneurs who chose to develop their businesses digitally. Hopefully more people will see how effective it is!:)

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