I Seafood, I Eat Food

I’m trying to recall a time when I’m in Cebu and I don’t pig out. Hold on, let me think. The verdict is in. The answer is most certainly, NEVER. It’s just impossible to resist Cebu’s food. It’s practically the highlight of all my Cebu trips. (Sorry, Cebuano friends, I love you but you’d have to settle for second place.) In fact, if someone was to take me to Cebu just for a food trip, I’d be satisfied through the roof. So imagine my delight when I got an invite from Isla Sugbu Seafood City to fly all the way to Cebu JUST to eat. Um, yes please. When’s my flight?!?

READ: S-E-A-F-O-O-D C-I-T-Y. Cebu is known for the freshest and tastiest seafood ever so I knew I was in for a mouthwatering experience. The name alone says it all! The main event, according to the good people of Seafood City, was the launch of its very own ultimate sutukil experience. (BRB. Let me just wipe my drool off.) For those of you who are not familiar with sutukil, it’s one of the Visayas region’s most famous native cuisines. It’s a conventional three-way style of cooking, coming from the combination of three words–“sugba,” “tuwa” and “kilaw” which mean to grill, to stew and to eat raw seafood, respectively. I used to crave for this all the time and travel as far as Mactan just to eat at one of those small seaside restaurants where guests get to choose live seafood from the day’s catch and have them cooked the way they want them right then and there. It’s kinda far from the city though so I’m not able to go as much. But now, with Isla Sugbu Seafood City right in the middle of Cebu, I don’t have to travel far just to get my seafood and sutukil fix! It has the widest array of fresh and live seafood to choose from, some of which are exclusively available in Seafood City alone so it’s just like the seaside experience except cleaner and just better overall. I even get to see my food prepared through the open kitchen! And the best part? Seafood City is also offering 4 different sutukil packages at a super affordable price of PhP 1600 net for 4 pax per package! You can choose from fish, shrimp or squid sugba, combined with shrimp or fish tinuwa and fish or shrimp kinilaw. All packages include an appetizer, dish of the day and a rice platter. So basically, a package includes 5 dishes plus rice. Not bad at all!

During the launch, I was able to try some of the sutukil package dishes plus more. And as expected, I was in seafood heaven! Trust me, even non-seafood lovers would be converted. I’d happily describe all the dishes to you but I think the pictures below will do a way better job. (Special thanks to Food Instagrammer @chubbyperohappy for some of the photos. I was too busy eating. LOL.) I must warn you though, you might drool and produce occasional tummy noises while scrolling through these photos so be prepared.

P.S. Make sure to order Seafood City’s crabs in garlic thingies. SOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN’ GOOD. Okay bye.

Isla Sugba Seafood City is located at Grandcon, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City. Call them at 032-260-8000.

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  1. Jazzy Tan

    Hi! Camille, I’ve been wondering why you don’t eat Cebu Lechon? It’s a very delectable dish but still I love this article about seafood and the great place where to dine for. :)

    • Camille Co

      Oh gosh I do!!! My family even has it delivered all the way to Manila by plane! Lol :)

  2. Nornisah Taha

    Hi! I’m a newbie in your blog.. I’m happy to see the recent post to be about seafood, seafood lover here! 😊 This post made me crave for kilawin, food captured looks and for sure tastes yummy!

  3. Nelayish

    Such a mouthwatering post! It looks delicious and I am sure you enjoyed the food so much.

  4. Trish

    Hi Camille. It’s my first time to visit your page, and I finally found a blog I can follow!! Why did it take me so long to find you? LOL :D

  5. anne-marie

    when I see your photos, I am hungry
    I think I would take at least 5 kilos
    last photo, it reminds me of “Charlie’s Angels” ;)

  6. Kay

    Waaaahhh!!! This post made me hungry >_< Hopefully I get to try this and other well known restaurants when I visit Cebu this Holy Week!

    PS May I know the brand of your overall? Love your outfit!

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