Learning To Cope

When the heat is starting to get to you, the best way to cope is to wear something comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tiis-ganda but when you’re sweating like a pig (even if it’s a very cute pink pig), I doubt you’ll find anything beautiful about that. You can look every bit as fashionable anyway in weather-appropriate and practical clothes. When I say weather-appropriate, I mean ready-to-jump-in-the-pool-in-this-heat type of outfit, which is why I’m wearing a swimsuit. (Can’t get more weather-appropriate than this, don’t you think?) But of course, I can’t walk around the city in this swimsuit alone. (Only superheroes can dress like that.) So in order to look respectable, I styled my multi-way swimsuit (yes it’s even more awesome because it’s multi-way) with a pair of roomy culottes (ventilation, ventilation, ventilation) and Mishka sandals (comfort, comfort, comfort). Did I mention my sandals are foldable too? (Again, more awesome.)

To finish off my look, I grabbed my latest favorite backpack from British brand Beara Beara (from whom you can get 15% off using my discount code “camilleco15”). This beautiful backpack is not only hand-made genuine leather but is also customized with my initials. (Again, more awesome. Awesome is apparently today’s favorite word.) The result? Summer-ready, fuss-free and still fashionable!

P.S. Although we’re already experiencing summer on this side of the world, spring is just about to hit the other side–which means it’s time for Shopbop’s Spring Sale once again! (I just had to share this good news with you! From today until 11:59PM Pacific Time on March 5, get 15% off on orders above $250, 20% off on orders above $500 and 25% off on orders above $1000. More details here. You’re welcome.

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  1. Rica

    Oh my! Is it just me? or pumayat ka talaga? you’re super skinny! #modelnamodelangpeg :) So pretty Cams! I love the pants but I think it’s only you who can give justice to it. :)


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