Cut It Out

Here I go again, thinking that the cut-outs on my knit dress would make it acceptable to be worn under Singapore’s hot weather. Oh boy do I never learn. Or maybe it actually is okay to wear it there but I just can’t tolerate heat well. Either way, lesson learned. At least it was raining a little during the day so I wasn’t suffering the entire time. And if it’s any consolation, in the moments that I was suffering, I can still say I was suffering quite fashionably. LOL.

Someone save me from my irrational brain. I blame the heat. The heat caused the rational part of my brain to melt away.

Ippolita earrings | Nelly & Me knit dress | Chanel bag | Rolex watch | See By Chloe boots

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  1. Mark Uichico

    Beating the Singapore weather is like trying to put ice in boiling water hoping it would cool down. Nonetheless, I would not have Singapore any other way. Especially during the Formula 1 weekend.

    P.S. – Thanks to the backlog of trying to skim through all your blogs, I have been able to break away the insanity of local politics on FB.

    P.P.S. – Big, hearty, congratulations to the bride as I will be eternally jealous of your groom to see you walk down the aisle.

    • Camille Co

      LOL. Glad to be of service! Philippine politics, the worst isn’t over yet!

  2. Elizabeth T.

    This cut-out dress looks perfect for the hot weather, but maybe the knit material is a little too thick for humid Singapore? Haha either way, though, you look amazing Camille! <3 :) And it's okay – we all make certain sacrifices for fashion, right?

    XO, Elizabeth

    • Camille Co

      Yes that was what i was complaining about haha. Darn this knit dress! Oh well. :)

  3. judc

    But you still manage to look cool and beautiful even though it’s hot! I love your outfit :)

  4. Maebs

    I finally catched up all of your post but i did not comment na po. All i can say is that you are the best blogger of all time :) you look so lovely :)

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