My Beach Babes

Because of my business management training at my old university, the only place I deem acceptable to wear flipflops in public is by the pool or at the beach. But even so, I still find myself looking for more stylish footwear I can bring to my summer escapades. Heels are, of course, out of the question. I already trip on flat and perfectly even surfaces whenever I’m in heels, I doubt I’ll survive walking in them on sand or uneven pavement. (Good Lord, now that’s a death wish. LOL.) Thank God there are plenty of local brands that sell stylish yet affordable sandals. One of which is Mishka shoes–a brand I’ve discovered online.

My latest babies from Mishka are these two strappy sandals I brought to my recent trip to Cebu–one is a gladiator style with lace up straps and the other is a white pair of thong style sandals with straps that go all the way up to my ankles. Both are definitely not your ordinary sandals. They’re meant to standout and to be shown off. Naturally, showed them off I did. These are just two of the many styles Mishka has to offer. Make sure to check them out so you can look stylish without sacrificing comfort.

Topshop hat Tobi crochet top Zara pants Mishka sandals Triwa watch

28 Responses to “My Beach Babes”
  1. malyohmally

    awww I wish I can also use you as my peg for beach outfits without exerting an extra effort on my figure :(

    • Camille Co

      You can do it! Nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it!

  2. mutzii

    Isn’t it addicting to play with filters? :D i totally love how you match your filters with the color combos of your outfit.

    your forever fan,

  3. Elizabeth T.

    Loving these sandals! :) Haha and I know what you mean – flip flops may be comfortable and easy to slip on and off, but after business school, I tend to veer away from them as well! Loving this summer look! Hope you’re having a great week, Camille!

    XO, Elizabeth

  4. Pia

    Love your whole beach outfit! The white sandals is really beautiful and your culottes are to die for. <3 How to be you? Lol.

    • Camille Co

      How to be me? LOL. I don’t think you’d want to be me haha! But thanks Pia! :)

  5. Julianne Chancoco

    Hi Camille i wanna ask you, if you have a go to app / filter what do you usually do? Like do you add a filter, saturation and more!thanks for answering!

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