Surfing With The Roxy Squad

Another long overdue travel post here. This time, I’m going to share with you my adventure with Roxy in Bali.

First thing on the agenda? Surfing, of course! It ain’t a #RoxySquad trip without it! I remember the first time I saw the waves here at Kuta Beach. I was with Laureen and Kryz then and we all chickened out because the waves were wild! A few years later, here I am–older, wiser and a little bit braver. No more chickening out.

Obviously, I’m no surfer. I’ve only tried it once before in La Union so it’s good that Roxy gave us a crash course for beginners before making us take the plunge. (Trust me, we all made quite a number of plunges. LOL.) By then end of the lesson, I’m proud to say I got to surf all the way back to the shore. Whoop! Not in the best form, but at least I did it! I wish you guys saw me. (Well, maybe it’s better you didn’t because I probably looked like a fool most of the time.) But I was incredibly determined (so determined I deserve a “most determined” award) I was the last one to go out of the water. I wanted to ride the wave so bad. Thank you Roxy for this amazing experience! I think you might’ve awakened the inner surfer in me… it just might take a little bit longer to make me into a good one. But hey, one foot is already in the door! That’s something, right?

Roxy rash guard and bikini

24 Responses to “Surfing With The Roxy Squad”
  1. Kaye Alid

    Love the last sentence!!! yesss super true!!! 👌 Atleast diba? Congrats new surfer ate Camille Co!!! hahahha 😅

  2. Chantel :)

    Well, i’m so proud that you able to did that. Now i have the guts to try that soonest!!! :)

    By the way, i may say that the sexiness in you is effortless.

  3. Pia

    “But I was incredibly determined (so determined I deserve a “most determined” award)” YOU WRITE THE BEST INTRODUCTIONS, I SWEAR HAHAHA. I’ve been to La Union and Baler, and I chickened out on surfing both times because I was really just scared of the ocean. This post got me interested in trying it out though. :D And omg, the quality of your pictures are amazing. <3

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Pia! :) I’m not a good swimmer as well. Best in tampisaw lang ako but as long as you have a coach with you, he’ll make sure to bring you to the safer area naman :)

  4. anne-marie

    you have the chance, I have a fear of water panic
    this is why I still can not swim

  5. Kay

    Grabeh ang tagal na nito! Hahaha! marami ka pa backlogs like your Bhutan trip? Surfing is one of my favorite water sport. Once you get your rhythm with the waves haiz naku nakakaadik na sya. Missing Baler and my girls tuloy :(

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