VLOG: Boyfriend Tag (How We Met)

The third instalment of my love month series is now here! This time, my boyfriend Joni answers all your most intriguing questions. Well, they weren’t exactly intriguing. I may be exaggerating a little bit but they’re definitely interesting, especially because it was you guys who sent them in! Everything from his first impression of me, to what he likes and hates the most about me and your most asked question: how we met. Enjoy!

P.S. I apologize in advance for the major teeth check fail on this video. I contemplated reshooting this but I wanted our reactions to be authentic so I’ve decided to just stick with this and risk making a complete fool out of myself for the sake of being real. Lesson learned. Must do a mirror check before shooting. LOL. (It still baffles me how Joni didn’t notice it though. THE. ENTIRE. TIME.)

8 Responses to “VLOG: Boyfriend Tag (How We Met)”
  1. Anna

    Hi Camille! I enjoyed watching the video. I’m just curious tho, since you were not so interested with Joni during the flight, I wonder what was his “follow-up” move that you ended up being together . :)

    A Part 2 of the How We Met story I guess???

  2. BellaNica

    This is so sweet and funny. I love how you two are so goofy, it’s so cute! Love you camille <3

    I wonder what's your first impression on Joni though, especially when he's trying hard to have a conversation with you on the flight :p

    • Camille Co

      I think I didn’t have much of an impression haha! I didn’t really think much of our convo. I thought it was just a random thing and I’d never see him again. LOL

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