VLOG: Boyfriend Buys My Makeup + Sephora Unboxing

Continuing the month-long boyfriend feature on my channel with another exciting video with ze boyfriend and Sephora Philippines! This time, Joni was tasked to shop for me at Sephora.PH, with PhP 10,000 (approx. USD 200) to spend and nothing else to guide him. To be fair, this was after he did my makeup and I did HIS makeup so he should have some clue what to get. Or does he? You be the judge! Watch the video below to find out what he ended up getting for me!

5 Responses to “VLOG: Boyfriend Buys My Makeup + Sephora Unboxing”
  1. Eloisa Abella

    Great haul Mr. Joni! I am OBSESSED with the mist!!!

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