VLOG: Skin Talk With Olay in Cincinnati + Harvard Tour in Boston

Earlier this year, Olay invited me to Cincinnati and Boston to be one of the first to experience their latest products. Now, I’ve always told you guys I’m no expert when it comes to beauty. I’m one of those girls who just use whatever is available to them and hope to dear God the products […]


In All Fairness

When I first saw this funky little thing, I thought to myself, “what in the world is this??!?!” I mean, it looks like a Storm Trooper mask or that thing murderers use in horror/suspense movies! LOL. It’s definitely not something I’ve seen in beauty stores before. What a novel little thing! Apparently, it’s called the Fine […]


VLOG: My Makeup Collection and Storage + Giveaway

You asked for it, so here it is! My makeup collection and storage for all of you to see. I don’t really splurge on makeup and skincare so much but I’ve been fortunate enough to work with beauty brands and companies that have contributed to my humble collection. And for this, I am forever thankful. […]