Get Summer Ready

One week to go before March arrives which means we have one week to go before summer officially begins. It’s always around this time of the year that the sun becomes scorching hot once again which is why practically everyone hits the beach. But before you plan your beach getaway, your friendly neighborhood blogger would just like […]


Going Green

Japan has made me a lover of anything that has green tea. Green tea drink, green tea ice cream, green tea cake, green tea chocolate, green tea perfume, green tea lotion… basically green tea everythaaaaang. It’s just one of the few healthy things that is actually really good in any form which is probably why […]


Makeup Tutorial: Bright and Beautiful Barely There Makeup

When I met Korean celebrity make up artist, Kim Kang Pil (who is also Banila Co.’s head makeup artist), one of the important tips I remember him telling me was that one does not need to apply so much makeup to achieve flawless skin. You want to achieve a natural-looking flawless skin, not something that […]