Lady Danger

Here goes Style Staple, pushing my limits yet again. I don’t really wear tops cut this low at the front, but hey, you’re only young once right? I might as well try it now before gravity starts to work it’s magic on my babies. Surprisingly, it actually doesn’t look all that sexy. I guess it’s because […]


Dazzle Me

Forgive me but I have to keep this entry short and sweet. Sunny Boracay and it’s cool waves are already calling out to me and I am not strong enough to resist them for long. So without further ado, here’s my outfit post for the day–a beautifully embellished corset top and a fun electric blue […]


Let’s Chase The Sun

I can never stay put in one place for a long time. I think that’s pretty obvious. Every few months or so, I long to travel the world and see something new. This is why I love the “Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge“–a month long event from April 14 to May 11 across 9 countries in the […]