Center Part

When I first saw this dress, I was a little skeptical. That slit right smack in the middle looked dangerous! But because I trust that Style Staple knows my body well, I still tried it on and wore it out. To my surprise, no Lindsay Lohan situation ensued. Amazing. It must be in the way […]


Five Oh One

These days, my motto is–the shorter, the better. I can’t bring myself to wear anything long because the heat is just insane! So what’s my weapon of choice to fight it off today? My Levi’s 501 shorts! They’re keeping me equipped for the long day ahead of me. Since they’re in distressed denim and have little white […]


Beat The Heat

Beat the heat with a dip in the pool. Although there’s no pool in sight here in my photos because there was a couple making out inside the pool. Insert awkward emoticon here, the one with the really big round eyes and red cheeks. Anyway, couple-professing-their-love-to-the-world aside, here’s the latest addition to my growing collection […]