No Way But Up

I’ve always loved balloons. I remember as a kid, I’d always make sure to bring even just one balloon home whenever we’d attend a kiddie party. Fast forward to my 26-year-old-supposedly-adult-self, I’m still bringing balloons home with me. LOL! In my defense, I didn’t steal these away from any kids. My friends threw me a […]


Skittle Skies

There’s nothing more romantic than staring at the sunset with the sounds of the waves crashing on the background. I wasn’t a beach baby before but as you can probably tell from all my beach posts, I became a convert somewhere along the way. I love everything about it–the food, the environment, the lifestyle and even the […]


Where The Wind Blows

I apologize for my lack of updates. Spain was just so beautiful, I momentarily forgot about everything else. Don’t worry, I’m getting my groove back so I’ll be posting regularly once again, starting with another beach post. As you may recall, I spent a few days at Shangri-la Boracay a few months back. Because it’s tucked away […]