Happy 40th, LeSportsac!

LeSportsac just turned 40! To celebrate its four decades in the industry, the quintessential American lifestyle brand of casual trendsetting nylon bags is releasing one capsule collection for each season. This means we’ll get to enjoy four unique seasonal capsules that represent four decades of lightweight, functional and trendy handbags, travel totes, messenger bags, backpacks […]


The Hills

Summer makes me dress more casually than usual. I guess the heat is hindering my styling prowess from fully functioning. LOL. (Prowess talaga?) Not that I’m dissatisfied or anything. easy dressing is and will always be part of my go-to styles. It’s something I’ll never outgrow–especially when it involves boxy blouses and pastel-colored trousers like these. Vant […]


Little Red Romper

When I first got this little red romper, I didn’t know how I’d be able to wear it out. You see, it drapes really low in front. It looked fabulous on the model on OMG Fashion’s website (which is why I got it) but then I realized one crucial difference between me and the model–she […]