Take A Closer Look

Just when you thought this outfit is for plain jane, take a closer look and you’ll find many surprises. There’s a major strap situation from the back, a couple of side slits, a dainty anklet thrown into the mix, and a sleek new local discovery that is the Ibarra watch. Put them all together and […]


Ready For Valentine’s

It’s that time of the year again when hearts all over the world are beating double time. If you already have a date for Valentine’s Day, good for you. If you don’t, there’s no need to binge on romantic movies and drown yourself in unhealthy (but oh so good) food that you’ll regret the next […]


Amor Amorita

This is why there’s never a day I’m not thankful to live in the Philippines. Yes, the traffic does drive me crazy every now and then. The political landscape and our economy aren’t ideal neither. BUT there’s no denying our country’s beauty. We have the most breathtaking beaches that are quite easy to get to. […]