Shopping Revolution

Recently, I’ve been doing more of my shopping online than at physical stores. Since I’ve been traveling so much, I’m always swamped with work whenever I’m back in town so I don’t have much time to get out of the office and sit in traffic for hours just to buy that one thing I need […]


Amplify Life

I’ve always been a huge lover of music ever since I can remember. I was that kid who’d always sit in the middle during car rides and make sure the music is on so that I can sing along to it, much to the dismay of my siblings. I was that kid who’d turn the music […]


A Bond To Be Cherished

Meet my bestie, Kris. We’ve known each other since we were 8 and have been besties since we were around 13 maybe. We’ve been through it all–from mischiefs and petty fights when we were younger to serious talks and life decisions now that we’re older. For 15 years now, we’ve had each other’s back. We’ve […]