I call this my neon Shrek cap. LOL. Isn’t it soooooo cute? I wish it’s cold here in Manila so that I have an excuse to wear this everyday. But we live in a tropical country, so there goes my wish. :(


I wore this the day I watched the Big Bang concert in Hong Kong. Yes, I am a fan–not really of the whole K-pop scene. They’re too many I can’t keep up! I only really know a select few, among which Big Bang and 2ne1 are my favorites. If you love fashion, you should seriously get to know these bands. There’s no matchy-matchy cutesy band outfits here, only legitimate fashion swag! Givenchy, Balmain, Christian Louboutin, you name it, they’ve worn it! (And even DIY-ed/redesigned it!)


So anyway, you’d think a neon cap like this would make me stand out, right? But to my surprise, I actually saw quite a number of girls (and boys) in this cap. A lot were in spiked caps, to-die-for ombre and candy-colored hair, leather and camouflage too! I swear I’ve never been to a concert with such a fashionable crowd like that of Big Bang’s. I wanted to do my own version of The Sartorialist right then and there if only I brought my camera with me to the concert!


Anyway, since you can’t “oooooh” and “aaaaahhh” over the other concert goers like I did, let’s just focus on my outfit for now, shall we? I hope this gets an “ooooooh” and “aaaaah” from you haha!


Who else loves the camouflage trend like I do, say “I”!!!!! My camouflage jacket is from Choies, the online store that is fast becoming number one in my heart. I love that it has spikes and little patches of random stuff on it. It makes it all the more special and less CAT uniform, don’t you think?


I wanted to throw my camouflage jacket against another print. I figured why not go for stripes? It has the same casual appeal like that of the camouflage. At the same time, it gives that little surprise factor. I mean it’s not exactly the first print that comes to mind when you think of what to pair with camouflage right?


Choies neon ear cap | Chanel earrings


Topshop striped dress (old)


Choies camouflage jacket


Chloe bag | Girls Are Weird ring


Choies wedge sneakers


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135 Responses to “Camouflage”
  1. Dindin

    T______T You like GD. If oppa finds this out she’s gonna be totally in love with youuuuuu~ GD and you should get married and make more fashion babies~~ HAHAHAHAHA. Okay. Just kidding. XDXDXD

    I lol-ed when I read my comment. I regret nothing. <3 Happy New Year Ate Camille! :*

  2. J

    Hi, Ms, Camille. Ask ko lang po kung may charge/tax pag dating ng ear cap/package sayo? Kung meron, how much? :)

  3. Reena

    OMG I was in HK when Bigbang had their concert there… at hindi ko alaaaaaaaaam! *cries a bucket of tears* Anyway… OMG love ko yung fashion nila at saka yung 2ne1… They are like a walking, breathing, living advertisement! lol… At ikaw din! lol… hahaha I always find myself raiding similar styles in SM! You’re such an inspiration talaga!

    Oh btw, have you seen the latest music video of Girls’ Generation? your outfit kinda reminds me of that. ^^ Maganda rin young fashion nila… (IMO it’s one of their best outfits, ever!)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Reena! :) Yes I’ve seen that. A nice change from their usual :)

  4. Jaine Baje

    I remember G-dragon in this outfit:)) I really like it especially the camouflage jacket and that cute neon ear cap^____^ I’m so jealous!! really want to watch Bigban concert!! when they held a concert here, i’m not yet their fan!! I really regret the past years of my life not hearing their music and not seeing their handsome faces, especially TOP!!!! TT____________TT

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! :) I’m sure there will be a next time! Don’t you worry :)

  5. Justin

    Hi Cams! I mentioned i just ordered this online. Do they deliver this straight to your house? Is there any addtl charge like taxes etc thats not included in the paymentyet? Like how much? Thank you so much for entertaining my questions :) iwill always be a fan!

    • itscamilleco

      I had them picked up at the post office. I can’t remember if I paid anything, but if I need not more than 40pesos :)

  6. Jessa Marie Chavez

    WOAH!!! I’m really looking up to you, Ms. Camille. And knowing that you’re also sa BigBang intensified my admiration and love towards you huhuhuhu. I’m so happy!!!!

    I really love your fashion sense. They’re seem so free and natural!

  7. Marymay

    Omfg!!! Nakakaproud naman maging vip sa blog post mo!! I didnt know that your a fan too!! Many international artist adore Bigbang’s fanshion too hehe :) Btw i love your style, you always look great Camille! Hehe

  8. Mars Gemilga

    BIG BANG!!!!! OMG! I miss them so much. I wish I could watch another of their concert. Honestly, all of their concerts! I love them too much, I can’t.

  9. Rei

    Happy 2013 Camille! Thank you for all the inspiring, entertaining, and wonderful blog posts last year. I really admire your talent in fashion – both in styling and designing. :)

    I, too, am a huge fan of Big Bang and 2ne1! I watched, enjoyed, and shouted to my heart’s content during their respective concerts here in Manila, haha. Could you share some photos from the concert if you were able to take any? Thanks and stay pretty <3

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Rei! :) I wasn’t able to take any decent ones. Just a few on my phone :(

  10. judy

    I so love your outfit and oh the shoes ! That’s one of my favorite shoes of yours. Happy New Year to my favorite great fashion blogger, Camille Co.

  11. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Oh CAMOUFLAGE again, I remember meron ka ding post about CAMOUFLAGE, ;) BTW,Ur hat is so cute like me! JK :)

  12. Charisse Roa

    Wooot! That shrek neon cap is so cute! I can imagine when you mentioned about the outfits of co-VIPs or even Blackjacks when they go to see the concert, I witnessed how fashionable they are! The fans don’t just love their music but their style too! So unique ;) Lovin’ the spikes on your jacket! Wish we can wear it more often. Perfect outfit, Miss Camille! ;) Btw, who’s your favorite BigBang member? Just curious ;)

  13. jhay-cee

    You really ROCK that outfit. :-) I’m sure when I see you personal in that outfit ang masasabi ko nalang ASTIG!!! :-D I wish someday makapanuod din ako ng BigBang concert and 2ne1 coz i’m a fan of them too.

    xoxo – jhaycee

  14. Isa Reynoso

    OMG! I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! <3 I don't think I can pull off camouflage print but you totally look amazing and fashyooown! :) cute cap! ;)

  15. Mileysia Jackson

    I love your shoes!!! Omg. Did you walk with that wedge sneaker all day? Does it hurt? :D

    • itscamilleco

      Yes I did! :) When I was about to go home, they did haha! :) Thanks Mileysia :)

  16. LeaMissy

    Hi camille! I’m going to hong kong by january. Is it freezing cold there right now?
    Btw, I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT. Looks like, camo is coming back to the trend!

  17. Morganvsmorgan

    That neon shrek beanie is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I want one! (even though it’s currently a stinking hot Australian summer here). The camo & the laidback neon together looks awesome.

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Morgan! :) I totally get what you mean. It’s scorching hot here too!

  18. CC

    omg i’m in love with the camo trend too!! tho they are simple and plain, after adding some studs and jewels, its freaking attention catching! i love your camo jacket so much!! been searchng for such camo jacket since forever!!!! great style ^^ and merry christmas ma fave blogger! :) new year is coming, wish u all the best for your career! just wanna say thank you to you for keeping you blog so alive despite u being so busy, i really appreciate your effort for replying each and everyone one who comments. thank you, you are amazing, i’m very sure i followed the right blog :) i love you! :”)

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you CC! :) I’m glad you appreciate my blog so much :) Makes it all worth it!

  19. Trisha

    I love how you a paired a really cute hat with a spiky camouflage jacket! <3
    Another great outfit. Keep it up :)

  20. Khirsty Lim

    I love that you like wearing beanies and the fact that you like Big Bang! I watched their concert here in the Phil. Also love your sneakers :)

  21. Trisha

    Your hat is soooo cute! I love hats like that HEHE Hats like that came from Korea? Started in Korea? =))) HEHE

  22. nelayish

    Wow because of this post :) It makes me want to have my own pair of wedge sneakers! By the way you look lovely as always

  23. Verna

    oh gosh, if I were there, I would not just “oooh” and “aaah”, I would be shouting as hell while spazzing over T.O.P.
    So jealous of you right now,haha :D

  24. Rika Echizen

    You should’ve insisted on going up on stage, ate Camille! GD would love that jacket! ^_^

  25. Annabelle

    Your outfit is awesome!
    I went to Bigbang ‘s London concert! The crowd had really cool clothes too.
    Hope you had as much fun seeing them as I did :)

  26. Anelle

    Fabulous! I love the sneakers! That hat is awesome and the bag is gorgeous! I love the color.

  27. MarielleSantos

    I love the bag and shoes ! I love the whole outfit ! :))
    btw , do you do online shopping ? If so , do you know any online website that have great style and affordable ? :))
    Ohh ! And i also love the scarf from the previous post ! You’re so good at mix and match !

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! Most of the items I have here are from online. Just click on the links :) Thanks Marielle!

  28. Jzan Tero

    Hi Camille! First of all i love your blog so much, i read it like an everyday newspaper. hehe :>

    I am curious, when you say “old dress” how old is it actually? I’m just curios because you always put old when you recycle clothes. hehe thanks! Merry Christmas btw!

  29. maebs

    Aaaaahhhhh and ohhhhhh love those cute cap. ;) I will get my friends uniform in CAT or in army and make them just like that! :) after that I will go to their office and report. :) haha! Gagawin po nating fashionable ang uniform nila. :)

  30. Steph

    Hi Camille! I love the 6th picture from the top, where you’re holding the ‘ears’ of your cap! Did you feel like a kid wearing that cute hat? :P

  31. Mark U

    AYE!!! I can wear my Camo Combat shirt for when I go out!!

    Frankly, this ensemble looks more like Akihabara fashion. Grungy with a pop of bright neon.

  32. Tasha D.

    Taeyang is just soooo sexy! Isn’t he? haha! He’s very makalaglag-panty! :”> Kung andyan lang ako sa concert, kumaripas na ako sa stage at dadambahan ko siya like a wild lionesse hungry for meat. chosss! haha!

  33. Sephie Rojas

    I agree about the weather affecting daily fashion choices! Such a struggle when you wanna wear something but can’t knowing you’ll be sweating your butt off in the weather :( haha! I see a lot of people wear those adorable beanies, but this is the first time I saw it in neon. Super cute~!! :3

    Shucks! You’re so lucky! You watched Big-Bang in HK! Talagang fashyown ang fans ng Big-Bang and 2NE1 :P Wish I could fly out to watch a SHINee or SNSD contert too, haha! Maybe when I have money after graduating! Sana sikat pa sila then :D

    • itscamilleco

      I’m sure they will be still. Looks like KPOP isn’t going anywhere :) Thanks Sephie!

  34. Geela Garcia

    I’ll tell my friends about you watching the Big Bang concert, haha! They’re fans too! And they ship dara and gd. Haha okay I talk too much. :( I love your hat and your outfit is so awesome!! <3

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