Give Me Givenchy

A few weeks back, I went to Hong Kong again for a short vacation with my sister. It was the first time after a very long time that we went on a trip again, just the 2 of us. Of course, aside from the usual shopping and bonding moments, like everyone else who travels with me, I also bullied her into taking my photos. Har har.


My sister is actually the hardest person to bully into taking my photos. Don’t get me wrong. She is so supportive of my blog and is the first to read my posts, but when it comes to taking my photos, it gets challenging. Thank God for this Tiffany & Co. Christmas set-up at Central. Because she wanted to check it out, she agreed to make a quick stop around the area before shopping our hearts out. itscamilleco.com1227201214

There really should be some sort of bribe all the time to get my sister to take my photos. Thank you Tiffany & Co.!


Thank you Achi for taking my photos even if you always do it lighting fast and click like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously, bawal huminga?! Hindi tuloy ako maka-emote! Panic! But thank you! Love yoooouuuuuu!


So on to my outfit! Compared to a few days ago, it wasn’t that cold yet at Hong Kong. Thin layers were good enough. Obviously, the scarf I had on didn’t really do much and was purely for styling purposes. But can you blame me? If you live in a country like mine, you grab every opportunity you have to layer!


You know if you want some peplum action, Apartment 8 is the place to go. This is actually one of my all-time favorites from the brand. I’ve been going gaga over hounds tooth prints lately so when I saw this, I probably looked like a smiley face with heart eyes! LOVE!


Since I’m the kind of traveler who value my luggage weight even if my baggage allowance is at 30kg (hey, less weight, more space for new items), I opted to accessorize my look with a scarf instead of heavy, chunky necklaces. This way, I got to style my look without sacrificing my shopping needs. LOL.


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Givenchy scarf | H&M top


Apartment 8 skirt


Fendi bag | Girls Are Weird ring



Ministry of Retail leather coat


Zara boots

101 Responses to “Give Me Givenchy”
  1. Proser Faith Tabaculde

    that jacket is my favorite! you’re drop dead gorgeous <3 i just started reading your blog! and i am so addicted! :)

  2. Patrice Aliman

    I wish you’d post a photo of your sister.. Na-curious tuloy ako bigla! Haha. Pero is she older than you? Anyway, I love the look! You totally rocked it. I don’t know why, pero napansin ko na parang laging ang ganda ng photos pag nasa ibang bansa. What is it with other countries? Haha.

    • itscamilleco

      Yes she is but she looks younger :) Thanks Patrice! Pansin ko rin, parang the lighting is different there haha! Especially in Europe and America!

  3. Inca

    Haha…i’ve got the same problem too…my sister hates taking pictures as well as being in the picture…love your outfit

  4. Joy

    Hi Ate Camille! I can’t seem to find that peplum skirt in Apartment 8 :( Is it still available?

  5. Alyzza

    Christmas na christmas ang peg! Haha btw u have a typo there “bawal hyminga?” :)

  6. Miles

    I love it! But I hope you wore heels instead, but I understand it’s shopping day! :))

    The scarf and skirt! I love it! Happy New Year Camille! :D

  7. Tricia G. Ladiana

    I want to see your sister!sana magpost ka ng picture with your sister! :)

  8. Charlene Dee

    hi ate cams!merry christmas!how was your trip?love your outfit and your hair..anong hair color mo ate cams?i heard you dyed it red?im looking forward to your new look for 2013..GodBless!:)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Charlene! :) My trip went well. :) I had fun as usual. My hair color before was ash blonde I think. I’m not too sure :) And yes, I dyed it red! :) Well almost… copper first then red :)

  9. Jevey Anne R. Resco

    Ang ganda nung skirt! o.o Buti pa kayo ng sis mo close :( Sana nagpost ka rin po ng pic niyong dalawa, I’m curious whether the two of you are look a like sisters or not hahaha. Please? ASAP hahahahhaa! Love lots Ate Camille!

    • itscamilleco

      Most people say we don’t look alike but I personally think there’s a resemblance :) Thanks Jevey! I’ll bully her into joining me in one of the photos next time :)

  10. Bevs

    Hi Camille! I really like the way you dress up, every time you and Laureen posts something new, it gives me the thrill to check on what’s new and trending.

    I really hope your blogging career will continue to flourish and inspire young women like me!

  11. Colt Nava

    I love this outfit, Camille! Oh my gosh, I have no idea how you do it- u got the blue, u got the red, u got the yellow, yet you don’t look like a walking flag at all! Now, I am fully convinced that you can pull off anything, and I mean ANYTHING!

  12. Trisha

    You look stunning! I’ve been seeing that pattern (the one on your peplum skirt) a lot these days =))) Nothing can go wrong with the primary colors =))) Hmmm what brand are your stockings? I know you can buy them anywhere and brand probably doesn’t matter, but sometimes brands use different materials and all and also curious XD You are ever sooooooo pretty! My FASHION ICON FOREVER! I prefer to look up to you than celebs, IDK why HEHE Because I know that celebrities are way harder to “reach”? HAHA =)))))

  13. Josephine

    Ooh, a carousel!!!
    Haha, I really want to go on one now, to feel like a kid again! >w<
    Really gorgeous outfit, as usual!!

  14. Trish

    Pareho tayo ng situation when it comes to taking outfit shots. In my case, with my mom naman. Ang hirap tumayming! HAHA. #bloggerproblems loljk =))

  15. Mark U

    Ah yes.. Gotta love HK winters; Cold enough to layer but not too cold where you have to bundle up and look like a penguin.

    Very chic! That is an awesome leather jacket! And the photos don’t look rushed at all. Baka sanay ka na lang sa mga mabilisang pose hehe.

    Honestly, If you find yourself in need of an outfit shooter/kargador for your shopping bags next time you’re in HK, don’t hesitate to send me a message. It’d be nice to meet folks from Manila every now and then.

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha kargador talaga? Don’t you underestimate my muscles! When it comes to heavy lifting (of shopping bags that is), I’m pretty strong haha! :) Thanks Mark! I got lucky lang there were a few shots that turned put decent haha!

  16. Shine

    Hi ate camille, pretty as always kahit super ninja yung achi mo sa pag kuha ng photos mo,. hehe,.,I’m inlove your pleplum skirt and scarf!!,,, how i wish i could meet you in person. :( i have noticed most of your outfit post were taken at Boni high, kea gustong2 gusto ko pumopunta dun hoping na ma timingan kita dun hahaha,., but i was not lucky enough,. :(

    PS: what color po pla gamit mo for your hair??

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Shine! :) I don’t know what color this is called because I just let my stylist at Park Jun Salon do it :) I’m always at BGC! For sure, maspo-spot mo rin ako dun one of these days :)

  17. Tasha D.

    Taray ng scarf! Jumi-Givenchy! Pwede mo din syang gawing accessory sa bagelya mo pag nasa PH ka na since di naman tayo keri mag scarf sa Pilipinas haha! Yung parang ginagawa nila sa Hermes scarves! Binabalot nila sa handle ng birkin o kaya gagawa lang sila ng ribbon. :D

    BTW the print on your skirt reminds me a lot of Salvatore Ferragamo. Here’s Gaga in full on Ferragamo:

    • itscamilleco

      Yes I’ve been trying to do that nga with m scarfs but they always seem a bit off. Konting practice pa :) Houndstooth talaga for the win! :)

  18. Charisse Roa

    My eyes went to your scarf instantly! They’re in bright yellow and I adore the design! Reminds me of CL (member of K-Pop girl group 2NE1) and you look great! :) Couldn’t agree more, when it comes to peplum skirts/dresses, eyecatching prints and dress, Apartment8 got us covered *hands down* You’re indeed ready to go shopping since you aren’t wearing heels plus you were able to zip those booties up :D (the last time kasi you forgot to zip them up in your Indie look, the one wherein you were wearing a purple fedora hat – tama ba ako? Sana tama ako x_x) On the other note, where do you usually shop in HK? :)

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! Yes I made sure they’re zipped up this time haha! :) I usually shop at Causeway Bay, Central, Admiralty and TST areas :)

  19. Sephie Rojas

    Wow! I never thought of substituting necklaces for scarves before! :o But after seeing you pull it off successfully and tastefuly, I have to agree, they look great! :D Plus the leather accents from your coat and boots make you look so badass! :D

    PS: pwede na maging signature ng Apartment8 ang peplum! :))) They make so many gorgeous looking ones! Makes me wanna swing by their store in Shang :)

  20. liezel aldecoa

    Omg! I want to go again in hongkong <3 imiss that place.btw, love the outfit :)

  21. maebs

    i love those peplum :) your really pretty! its my daily routine to always checked your blog. :)

  22. Kyla Mae

    Merry Christmas Ms. Camille! You belong so well in high-fashion, and still you’re really kulit occasionally! The photos turned out great still! I hope some other time your achi would join you in them!

  23. Kyla Mae

    Merry Christmas Ms. Camille! You belong so well in high-fashion, and still you’re really kulit occasionally! The photos turned out great still! I hope some other time your achi would join you in them!

  24. jhay-cee

    I like the outfit, I didn’t try peplum skirt yet but definitely this coming year ita-try ko sya. :-)
    Hay holiday . :-)


  25. Roxanne Atienza

    I like the jacket and shoe ^_^
    merry christmas and a happy new year

    godbless ^_^

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