I Can See Through You


It’s scorching hot but I’m still able to wear a long sleeved blouse. How? Wear a little sheer number like this!


This sheer blouse is from Chicago-based brand ZAMRIE. The brand is the brainchild of designer Ashley Zygmunt who trained under Zac Posen and Peter Som in NYC. When I browsed through her collection, I noticed that most of her designs are timeless, classic and effortless. They’re the type of clothes you’d be able to use over and over again.


This blouse caught my attention at once. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the print. Now, don’t get intimidated by the sheerness of this top. It’s actually not as sheer  as it looks. In person, it’s much darker and subtle. But if you’re a little conscious still, you can always wear a bandeau instead of just your bra. Then, pair it with something high-waist so only a small area of your skin is revealed.


In my case, I wanted to style my outfit a little sexily so I paired my blouse with my favorite high-slit skirt. I have this skirt in so many colors! I mean, can you blame me?

How about you? How would you style this blouse?


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Style Staple skirt


Zamrie top


SM Accessories necklace


Mango belt


SM Accessories ring | Aranaz for R2R clutch


Call It Spring heels


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125 Responses to “I Can See Through You”
  1. Phil

    Camille, you are a vision of elegance and sexy pulchritude! The allure you exude in this fabulous design is just completely hypnotising! I love your hair this colour too! :) ❤

  2. Philip

    You look like a goddess, Camille ! :-)

    And the purple of those shoes looks great on your feet ! I love it ! :-)

  3. Gladys

    If I have that kind of top, I wouldn’t have thought of pairing it with a long skirt.
    Pants lang siguro at shorts ang maiisip kong i-pair.
    *clap, clap* Ikaw na talaga!!!

    Napansin ko nga na marami kang ganyang klase ng skirt. It’s not obvious na gustung-gusto mo iyan.:)
    At least hindi kasing HIGH ng controversial slit ni Anne Curtis, diba? Friend po ba kayo ni Anne Curtis? O.o

    • itscamilleco

      I’ve been introduced to her pero I don’t think she remembers me haha! :) Thanks Gladys!

  4. maruko

    camille how tall are you? you look really good with the high slit skirt >.<

  5. venus westwood

    Miss Camilleco i love your chiffon top match with the long skirt =)

  6. Christine Koay

    You look gorgeous here, Ms Camille! I love the sheer top and the slit skirt goes well with it! It’s really a classic piece! <3

  7. Dhes

    I so love the entire outfit, I love the longsleeved blouse, your bonggang skirt, the colors, accesories, make up and your smile. Syempre di ko papalampasin ang shoes mo and your butt haha well curved body!

  8. Lauren

    You look amazing, the blouse is so cool! I am obsessed with the skirt! I love the colour and style of it


  9. Loreen Joy Bermejo

    You’re so classy, as always. :) look what I found in my laptop’s memory: pic.twitter.com/Xbb1cg71X2 :D that’s from last year’s Bloggers United. I hope to see you again on June! :)

    Happy happy birthday, Miss Camille! :) keep on shining your bright light to so many people. Love you always! ♥

  10. Vann Pacis

    If i were to style it, I’ll be tying the lower part so my tummy won’t be that exposed then skirt for the bottom. Hehe. Happy birthday Ms. Camille!! :)

  11. Krystel

    I just love your skirt! You look so stunning (as usual).. hehehe.. BTW, Happy birthday Camille! You’ve inspired me a lot. I always start my work shift reading your blog.. hahahah.. lucky me, our company allows us to browse when not busy. hehehe.. So yeah, you are my inspiration. Keep it up and goodluck to your silver years! :) same year then pala tayo kaya lng June pa yung birthday ko.. hehehe.. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!! (caps lock pra intense)

    • itscamilleco

      Yay! I’m happy you can browse my blog at work! :) Thanks Kystel! :)

  12. Shane Antoinette

    Happy 25th Birthday, Miss Camille Co! :) Since I know that you like Swedish House Mafia, I made a cover of one of their songs which is Don’t You Worry Child as a virtual gift for you. Here’s the Youtube link of the video of my cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UqL_bnm3aY&feature=youtu.be

    I hope that you’ll like it and it would mean the world to me if you could tweet my cover! Thanks! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISS CAMILLE CO!

  13. Emmrose Villasfer

    its your birthday, its your birthday? Happy birthday :) haha

  14. alwayskhayrin

    You got this skirt in yellow too! And paired it with yer clutch when you attend the R2R event with yer other bestiebloggers. :) I would always remember. Haha! This look is fierce in top and conservative in bottom, love it. :)

  15. Joreina Blanco

    Because today is April 21, 2013, I would like to greet my forever ultimate girlcrush/favorite fashion blogger/inspiration, Ms. Camille Co, a merry merry merry birthday!!! When I first saw you featured on my favorite program, Etcetera: Capsules for the Stylish Youth, I instantly fell in love with your style. Since then, I look up to you as an inspiration for fashion and style. Keep on inspiring and forever be a blessing!!! Happy Birthday, Ms. Camille. We love you. From your forever number one reader and supporter all the way from Ilocos :)))

  16. Colt Nava

    Happy Birthday Camille! I may not know you personally but I just want to say that you deserve every success you have right now because you never fail to remember your readers/fans, you always take a moment from your hectic schedule to read each of our comments and patiently reply to every one of them :) I will always support you and now my nieces and friends know who you are because I always spread the word of how awesome you really are! <3

  17. Chloe

    Hi Camille! I don’t wonder why you have that skirt in so many colors. It just flaunts your curves perfectly. :)

    Question though, how do you manage not to have obvious panty lines? Even shirt (underneath) line? Coz I notice there are none beneath your skirt. Hope you can help me out on this. Thanks a bunch! :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Chloe! :) When the fabric is too thin, I wear something underneath the skirt, like the ones that look like Spanx :)

  18. Versatilish

    Love how everything complemented. I think you’re the only one who can pull off this style perfectly.

    Happy birthday! Have a another blessed year.

  19. Kyla Mae Tan

    Happy, happy birthday Ms. Camille! :) it’s past midnight now but I’m still very awake, so I thought I’d greet you! Oh, and that pretty blouse looks as if you’re standing under a tree with little patches of light hitting you. You look so heavenly! I hope you enjoy your special day!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kyla! :) Like rays of light! That’s a cool way to look at it! :)

  20. Katrin Tuaño

    Hmm I think I’m going to style this top a bit casually. I’m going to pair it with sexy white shorts and a chunky brown braided belt and a pair of black pumps. I’ll also stick to silver accessories. :) Haha what do you think? Would it look good?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE CO! <3 WE LOVE YOU #HappyHappyBirthdayCamilleCO (Kunwari effective ung hashtag lol)

    Woo, this outfit is so sexy. sheer and slit! Boom. Classy! :)

  21. Rianna Custodio

    Other than your outfit, the make- up looks very well done! One of my favorite looks :)

  22. beatrice gases

    ano ba yan cams yung hotness mo sumabay pa sa init ng panahon ahaha

      • beatrice gases

        but you know what you don’t have to wear see through just for us to see what’s inside you because even if you wear the ugliest dress in the world or the most conservative dress makikita pa rin namin ang isang camille co who has a very kind heart inside :D ahaha lol spell drama but seriously you really have a kind heart na visible kahit di ka pa mag see through :D

        • itscamilleco

          Awww dramang drama! :) Thank you Beatrice! It’s always so nice to hear positive words like these :)

          • beatrice gases

            ahaaha pagbigyan na at nagbirthday ka naman :D Happy birthday pero i hope you have more birthdaysssssssssssss andami nyan ah . keep inspiring others :D ahaha i remember the time when i first read your blog and it change my life. akalain mo bang magiging fashionista ang tulad kung nerd ahaha all thanks to you

  23. jayz

    Hi Camille,

    Loving the sheer blouse.. And the slit skirt.. Perfect…

  24. Sephie Rojas

    Somehow I get to see you use that clutch every time you wear a leg-bearin high-slit number that would make Angelina Jolie’s legs die of shame, haha! Or is it just coincidence? My eyes grew bigger as soon as I saw Zac Posen’s name @_@ And if she trained under him, I’m sure she’s really hella awesome @.@ That top is gor-ge-ous! Akala ko nga at first plain top lang tapos parang sumisilip lang yung sunlight through the trees. Yun pala, print niya yon, haha!

    • itscamilleco

      Haha just a coincidence :) I don’t have any other purple clutch! :) How I wish I can train under someone like Zac!

  25. Cherry

    So pretty. Do you remember what lipstick were you wearing at this shot? Currently searching for light shades of lipsticks. Any recommendations? :)

    • Vina Guerrero

      happy birthday camille!!! greeted you on twitter :) sana nabasa mo :) this is my username @guerrerovina :) you will always be my favorite fashion blogger. God bless!

  26. Ivy

    I love how you can make this top look dressed down and more casual, or more dressy. Your skirt makes this outfit look so much more elegant- it’s so pretty! I would have bought the skirt in more than one colour too, so don’t worry!

    • itscamilleco

      I agree! It’s so easy to style it up or down :) Thanks Ivy!

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