I Got You, Babe

This is me, trying to look cool in the middle of the road while my butt is getting fried by the concrete road. LOL! See how my legs are slightly lifted up? This isn’t so my thighs won’t look big. No siree! I just couldn’t put them down because the pavement was so hot! My […]


Birds Of Paradise

Here’s what I wore to the last Bloggers United Bazaar. For those of who waited for me to arrive, I apologize once again for arriving so late! Taking these outfit shots was the major cause of my delay. Why you may ask? The most random thing happened to my blogger friend Lissa and I. We […]


Fight, Fight! Blue And White!

If you read my title out with much gusto then you’re probably an Atenean like me. “Fight, fight! Blue and white! Go, go Ateneo! Sisboombah!” This is just one of the many school cheers Ateneo has. I thought it would be fitting to name my outfit post after this cheer since it’s that time of […]


Shopping Around Tokyo

When you’ve been walking a lot for consecutive days, sneakers tend to call out to you. These are actually the same pair of sneakers I wore on my “Flying Without Wings” post, except here, I took the wings out. I bought them just a day before these photos were taken at the Adidas store in […]


Meiji Shrine

Another day in Tokyo, another day of touring around the city’s main attractions. This time, it’s the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo’s most famous Shinto shrine. Once you see this huge torii gate, it means you’re about to enter the vast property leading to the shrine. You’ll see a lot of women dressed in traditional kimonos here. […]


Love From Japan

You see this crowd? We’ve all been standing in line for at least 4 hours–just to taste fresh sushi from the best restaurants around Tsukiji market. Originally, we wanted to watch the bidding inside the market but in order to do so, you need to go there extra early. We got to the market around […]


Tokyo Tokyo

It’s the start of my Japan blog posts! Finally, after more than a month, I’m now able to blog about my trip to Tokyo. As you all know, I, together with Tricia, attended EMODA’s TouchME Fashion show last May 17. Since I was already getting flown in to Tokyo for the show, I went ahead and extended […]


Powder Trees

You’re probably wondering why the title. I desperately wanted my title to have the word “trees” in it. All I could think of was “Neon Trees”, like the popular band. But since there’s nothing neon here, I went with “Powder Trees” instead. So lame, so so lame. What’s even worse is that I’m still trying […]


Blog Giveaway: Ballasox (CLOSED)

It’s been a long time since our last giveaway! Don’t you worry, I’ve arranged a lot for you in the coming weeks. Let’s start with this one, shall we? Up for grabs is a pair of Ballasox flats!  Ballasox comes all the way from Brazil and is currently gaining a huge following in the US. […]


Flying Without Wings

I’ve got super powers. Don’t believe me? Look, I’m levitating! I’m flying without wings! Well, actually, I do have wings… on my sneakers! I first saw this pair of Jeremy Scott sneakers on a magazine and I knew I just had to have them. Don’t you worry. You won’t see me sporting Jeremy Scott sneakers […]