Camille Co For Cole Vintage Holiday Collection

Ho ho ho! I have plenty of gifts for you before 2013 ends. After Camille Co For Tomato (#CamilleCoForTomato) catered to the trendy college girls and yuppies, GTW Soiree x Camille Co (#GTWSoireeXCamilleCo) for the teens, Camille Co For Romwe (#CamilleCoXRomwe) for the fashion-forward set, now comes another special design collaboration. This time for the mature, sophisticated and classy women. I present […]


Purple Ginger

It’s a colorful day! I felt like a walking box of crayons in this outfit. But in the words of Icona Pop, “I don’t care, I LOVE IT!” I’m sure a lot of you find the print on my top familiar (because you, my dear readers, have eagle eyes). It’s because it’s the same as […]


Caught Red-Handed

Prize for whoever can guess which blog post I wore this skirt before! What’s the prize, you ask? My love! Priceless! LOL. You see, when you love something, you don’t just wear it once. If it’s pretty, it’s pretty. If it matches your outfit, it matches. No one would judge you for wearing something more […]


Basic Instinct

It’s back to basics once again. This is what I call corporate chic styled in a minimalist way. It’s the classic black and white combination. Practically anyone can pull this off! It’s as easy as batting your pretty little lashes. :) I’ve always wanted wide trousers. As I’ve said before, Mango always has the best […]